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ISPO Award Winner 2024: The Naturehike FeatherBone Yugu Ultralight Automatic Inflatable Mat

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The Naturehike FeatherBone Yugu Ultralight Automatic Inflatable Mat offers a lightweight sleeping solution for camping, hiking, and traveling. With a patented perforated sponge padding, its design effectively reduces weight and material usage by roughly a third.

Comfort is key to enjoying the special feeling of settling in for a night in your tent or under the stars. While a sleeping pad can make or break this feeling of coziness and comfort, the Naturehike FeatherBone Yugu Ultralight Automatic Inflatable Mat ticks all the boxes for an affordable yet well-designed product. It comes in two different shapes, rectangular or mummy, and two different colors, blue and grey, as well as in a standard and larger size. It is lightweight, water-repellent, and durable, but truly stands out in terms of its perforated sponge padding.

The Naturehike FeatherBone Yugu sleeping pad is a lightweight companion to bring on your outdoor endeavors.
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Patented sponge design brings lightness and warmth

Inspired by Chinese paper art, the patented sponge design of the mat effectively reduces weight and material usage by a third. According to Naturehike, this pad is about 48 percent lighter than other conventional self-inflating mats and also packs very small. It weighs only 490 g and is definitely an option to consider for those who prioritize saving weight but might also be on a budget.

Cut with a patented process, the sponge core of the sleeping mat has plenty of air holes to retain warm air. These pockets also create additional insulation. The high elasticity material sponge used in the FeatherBone Yugu Ultralight Automatic Inflatable Mat requires only 52% of other sponges to achieve the same warmth in comparison. Those strategically placed air cells on the surface of the mat also allow for excellent breathability, preventing sweat buildup and enhancing overall comfort. A skin-friendly breathable layer on top of the airtight layer also allows a better touch and feel.

This sleeping pad is also soft and supportive, although consisting of less padding: Crafted with high-density stretch foam, this pad provides a plush and supportive sleeping surface that won't sag or compress. It's moisture-resistant, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.


The patented sponge design inside the pad is inspired by Chinese paper art - saving on weight and material.
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Besides its benefits in weight, less material used also adds to a more resourceful production process. „We have always wanted to develop products that are both high-performance and environmentally friendly. The special foam cutting method of FeatherBone Yugu ultra-light self-inflating mattress eliminates the need for waste in the production process. The production process is reduced, resulting in lighter weight and excellent compression“, explains Cherry Fang, product manager of the Naturehike sleep system. She adds: „This is our modest contribution to environmental protection. Being recognized by an ISPO Award is a very positive encouragement for us.“


Soft and elastic lying experience without sagging or collapsing for better sleep.
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A lightweight sleeping pad for your outdoor adventures

When backpacking for multiple days or on any occasion where you have to carry your gear, lightness, and packability are crucial features that cannot be stressed enough. Equipped with a dual-function valve, you can effortlessly inflate or deflate the pad. Switching from inflation to deflation between modes is easy and so is setting up or taking down camp. 

When packing up, the mat can be easily deflated through the two-way valve and then rolled up and stored in your pack or carried. Its small packing size of 27 cm in length and diameter of 16 cm also won’t take up your whole bag or pack.


Here’s what the jury had to say about the Naturehike FeatherBone Yugu Ultralight Automatic Inflatable Mat:

"What stands out with this light inflatable sleeping pad is the unique design of its sponge padding. The perforated structure reduces bulk without sagging, while also retaining warmth and being easy to stow. Inflation and deflation work just as they should. Different available shapes of the Naturehike Featherbone Yugu Ultralight Inflatable Mat cater to different types of use at a very competitive price point."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Naturehike FeatherBone Yugu Ultralight Automatic Inflatable Mat convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Featherlight design: weighing in at a mere 490g
  • Soft and supportive sleeping surface with high-density stretch foam
  • Efficient air distribution: strategically placed air cells for excellent breathability and comfort
  • Dual-function valve to effortlessly inflate or deflate the pad
  • Compact and portable: allows for easy and space-saving carrying

Product specs:

  • Weight: 490 g
  • Sizes: Standard (185x55x3.5 cm), large
  • Shape: Rectangular, mummy-shape
  • Color: Blue, Grey
  • Material: 100% nylon/TPU/polyurethane
  • RRP: € 59.90
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