Product reviews/10/11/2023

ISPO Award Winner: The Colltex Vreneli Profibre Ski Skin

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The Colltex "Vreneli" ski skins with Profibre technology set new standards in the production of ski skins. The innovative skins are manufactured using a newly developed technology. The fibers are applied and processed in a patented process and not woven as in conventional ski skins. The process offers several advantages.

At first glance, it looks like a regular ski skin, but the innovation is in the details

The new manufacturing process results in ski skins with exceptionally good gliding and climbing properties that also use 50% fewer resources in production than conventional skins.

Vitus Schweizer, developer of the new ski skin technology at Colltex, is enthusiastic about the properties of the new skins: "The new skins are real lightweights. In addition, the gliding and climbing properties, which are normally opposite, are both at a high level. With these skins we have taken a clear step forward. An external study has also shown that Vreneli skins require 50% fewer resources to produce than conventional ski skins.

Colltex has developed and built its own machines for the production of Vreneli ski skins. "The development and production of the special machines is very expensive. But on the other hand, they give us the opportunity to hide a lot of know-how in them. Also, having our own machines means that we have most of the manufacturing process in-house. This is very important for further product development, for secrecy and, last but not least, for preserving our jobs," explains Vitus Schweizer.

The innovative ski skin takes its name from the legend of Vreneli of Vrenelisgärtli, the home mountain of the Swiss product developers
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The concept - more than just ski skins

Colltex Vreneli ski skins are versatile and suitable for ski and splitboard touring as well as classic ski touring. They are available in different sizes that can be adapted to the length and width of different types of skis and can also be cut to size.

Colltex Profibre skins are designed to provide a sustainable alternative to traditional mohair or mohair/synthetic products. 60-70% of Colltex's ski skin production takes place at the company's headquarters in Glarus, Switzerland. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of each ski skin, but also minimizes transportation distances and reduces dependence on suppliers. An important step towards environmental friendliness and regional value creation.

In terms of design and feel, Colltex Profibre ski skins are in no way inferior to conventional skins. On the contrary. The new manufacturing process makes them not only lighter, but also more flexible and water repellent. The latter prevents moisture from penetrating the skins, thus preventing unwanted "bulging" (snow sticking under the skin).

This is what the jury of the ISPO Award said about the Colltex Vreneli Profibre ski skins

The skins impress with their low weight and very good water-repellent properties. The concept of local production to reduce CO2 emissions and increase local added value is exemplary.

Product specifications:

  • Sizes: individually adaptable to each ski / snowboard by cutting

  • Features: Abrasion resistant, environmentally friendly, lightweight, quick drying, waterproof, water repellent.

  • Target group: From the beginner to the ambitious touring skier to the competitor.

  • Color: dark green

  • Price: 155 - 195 € (depending on width and length)

5 reasons why Colltex Profibre ski skins convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Made in Switzerland

  • Small pack size and easy to transport

  • High durability

  • Environmentally friendly due to low carbon footprint

  • Fast drying and water repellent

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