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AquaStream – natural rowing feeling for the living room

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Its slim design, quiet and natural use, as well as digital integration, make the AquaStream a recommendation in the home training sector.

AquaStream convinces with well thought-out details

Rowing has become a real trend in recent years. Especially in the area of home training and fitness, the sport enjoys a steadily growing fan base. The secret of its success certainly lies, among other things, in its practical application at home and ease of learning. No complicated movement sequences hinder a quick sense of achievement. This is motivating. In addition, the body is challenged holistically. Especially for legs and buttocks, this is an ideal training option.

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Now there are many rowing machines on the market. What can the AquaStream do that other machines of this type cannot? To put it in a nutshell: The AquaStream is a real competitor in the crowded rowing machine market. The quality and well thought-out details of the device convinced the ISPO Award jury.  "The ISPO Award is one of the most prestigious awards and we are very pleased to have received it. Winning this award shows us that we can still develop products that we have known for years and make them better," says Christian Werner – Marketing Coordinator of cardiostrong. "Fun fact on the side: We discussed the first prototype with our developers at ISPO 2020."

Unique selling point: The water tank of the AquaStream is installed lengthwise.
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Space-saving design and genuine rowing feel

The first thing that catches the eye is the slim design. This means that the AquaStream can be placed in many living rooms. Thanks to the recessed wheels and a low weight, the device can be easily moved back and forth. After use, it can just as easily be stored upright on a wall or in a cupboard. This saves additional space, is well solved and thus also an alternative for smaller flats.

The actual highlights of the AquaStream are the longitudinally installed cylindrical water tank and the rudder system described above. The combination of these two elements makes the rowing machine extremely quiet and natural to use. Once in motion, the resistance of the water in the tank is actually no longer audible. Even at higher intensities, this impression does not change. This is made possible by three paddle wheels integrated in the water tank, which additionally ensure an intense and quiet rowing experience. The resistance of the water can easily be regulated via the filling quantity in the water tank.

The rowing system and its seat are elevated, which allows for a comfortable sitting position, especially during long training sessions. Foot straps provide the necessary support and can be adjusted to many body sizes. Combined with the exceptionally long bar for athletes up to 2.10 metres, this provides additional training comfort. The rolling feel of the seat on the rail and the structure of the entire rowing set-up are very similar to the experience in a real rowing boat. This similarity to the real movement on the water is amazing and looks absolutely convincing. During the jury meeting, all jury members confirmed this special feature of the AquaStream. The rowing machine was used many times. As if the details were not enough, the AquaStream has another ace up its sleeve: The water tank with its capacity of 6 to 9 litres only needs a third of the amount of water compared to other rowing machines. This makes it a lightweight representative.

Rowing apps can be integrated via Bluetooth.
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Bluetooth for digital integration

The integration of digital applications is done on the LCD console via Bluetooth. In connection with rowing apps such as Kinomap, a competition situation can be displayed in this way. This is certainly exciting when variety is to be brought into the training and a competition situation can be recreated via the screen. The AquaStream is convincing for home use as well as for users in fitness studios and demanding customers in terms of connectivity, stability and design. A rowing machine that is convincing and offers a high level of training comfort.

The rudder setup of the AquaStream comes very close to the real rowing feeling.
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What the ISPO Award jury says about the AquaStream:

"The AquaStream has a rowing experience with an authentic water feel while being more space efficient than comparable models. This device combines the advantages of devices with air or magnetic resistance and that with a chic design and fair price.  Highlight of the AquaStream is the longitudinally installed water tank and the associated rudder system."
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the ISPO Award jury:


  • slim Design
  • quiet usability
  • natural rowing feeling
  • integration of rowing apps via Bluetooth
  • little weight

Product Specifications:

Available:  January 2023
RRP: 1.499,00 €

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