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DOUBLEDECK Snowboards 2023: New website, improved technology and an innovative rental program

Andreas Kramer (l) & Holger Hirsch (r)
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At ISPO Munich 2022, the new snowboard technology from DOUBLEDECK was presented to the professional audience for the first time. There was an award with the ISPO Award on top of that. Now that almost a year has passed, it's time for an update. That's why we met the founder, Andreas Kramer, for an interview.

Most recently, we talked about your new snowboard brand and your special technology before ISPO Munich. A lot has happened to you since then.

Firstly, I would be interested to know how ISPO Munich went for you and how the feedback on your product was received?

ISPO Munich was a fantastic experience for us! The feedback on our new DOUBLEDECK and the special technology was overwhelmingly positive. We have received a lot of support from dealers, professionals, and visitors who were enthusiastic about the performance and innovation of our product.

In January, you were also present at the On-Snow dealer test Shops 1st Try. It was certainly exciting to get direct feedback from people on the performance of your board, wasn't it?

Yes, at the On-Snow dealer test Shops 1st Try, we were able to receive valuable feedback on the performance of our board directly from the participants. One point, for example, was that too much snow gets caught between the motherboard and the bridge. Of course, we recorded and changed that directly. In addition, we have adapted the different flex zones on the basis of various opinions, so that the DOUBLEDECK could be further developed. At the start of the season in October 2023, we can then deliver perfectly matched DOUBLEDECK snowboards to specialist retailers. This exchange has once again shown us how important direct contact with the riders is.

What were your learnings from the two events, ISPO Munich and Shops 1st Try?

We were able to gain essential insights from the two events. The feedback from the participants helped us improve our product even further and adapt it to the needs of the riders. In addition, we have made valuable contacts that support us in the marketing and dissemination of our brand.

The big news at ISPO Munich was for many to learn that Terje Håkonsen is involved in product development with you. How did the cooperation come about? Did you already know him from your active snowboarding time?

The cooperation with Terje Håkonsen is a real highlight for us. We already knew Terje from our snowboarding days and have always had great respect for his experience and expertise. When he learned about DOUBLEDECK, he was immediately enthusiastic about our technology and our new approach. Of course, this motivated us immensely.

Terje Håkonsen testing the first Doubledeck prototypes.
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How does the cooperation work? What exactly is his role? Tell me…

Terje is closely involved in product development. He brings his years of experience and technical know-how to take the DOUBLEDECK to a new level. His role is to work together with our team on the further development of the board and to contribute his ideas and suggestions. His expertise as a professional is invaluable to us.

That sounds exciting. We will certainly talk to Terje separately again at DOUBLEDECK. When will I be able to buy the boards?

The boards are expected to be available in selected shops and online in October 2023. We are working hard to advance production so that our customers can soon convince themselves of the quality of our snowboards.

And what is the "Let to Rent" program all about?

Our "Let to Rent" program allows winter sports enthusiasts to rent snowboards instead of buying them. After registering and completing a rental on our website, a DOUBLEDECK board is conveniently shipped to their home freight prepaid. Instead of paying the full purchase price, users pay a monthly fee to rent the board. At the end of the agreed rental period, the board is returned to Doubledeck free of charge. Our rental models start at 99 Euro per month ( for a rental period of 6 months ). Of course, you can also buy the boards directly from us online. We start here with 959,00 Euro.

The new doubledeck boards with optimized bow and lower weight
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You have launched a new website. What can I find there?

We relaunched our website this month. Interested parties will of course, find comprehensive information about DOUBLEDECK, the unique technology behind it and the various models. On our blog, people will find exciting background information, including our sustainability strategy or our "Let to Rent" rental program. And of course you can also buy the boards online. All information is at

And at which test events and openings will you be able to meet?

We will be present at various test events and openings in the coming season. We start with the Hintertux Park Opening (6th to 8th October 2023). All interested parties can test our boards there. A mandatory date is then the ISPO 2023 and we may still be planning our own DOUBLEDECK dealer event in December 2023. Above all, we would like to take the opportunity to obtain the feedback of the snowboard community directly and to get into conversation with the riders and dealers. We will provide more detailed information about the events on our website and on social media. Be curious!