Tips for Climate-Friendly Mobility

LISTICLE | 10/19/2021

We do not stand still. Mobility and movement are intrinsically human needs. We go on trips, discover distant worlds, go to sports, commute to work, visit friends, move house and use different means of transport. Mobility has a direct and indirect impact on our personal but also on our collective CO2 footprint. Of the 8.1 tons of CO2 per year (2019) that a person in Europe causes on average, about 30% is generated by transport.

The range of one ton of CO2 from four people.

The amount of CO2 we emit per person-kilometre varies greatly from one mode of transport to another. What can we do to keep our greenhouse gas emissions on the road as low as possible, but without losing the fun factor? It's actually not that hard. Even by making small changes towards a more conscious lifestyle, we can all become active in the global project of climate protection. So get going!

Facts and Tips

With these three tips, you can easily make your life more sustainable.


Use Public Transport or Pedal Your Way to Work

If you prefer the train or the city bus to your car, it's good for the climate. Compared to a private car, you save up to 70% of CO2 emissions for the same distance. Of course, a bicycle is also a good way to get from A to B. Cycling is not only good for the environment, it also generates less noise emissions, is even cheaper than public transport and also improves your own fitness. A clear win-win situation.


Change to Coach or Long-Distance Train for the Journey to the Vacation

Berlin, Venice, Amsterdam and Vienna are easily accessible by night train. There is also a wide range of long-distance travel options by coach or long-distance train. Particularly in Europe, air travel can be easily avoided. This also pays off for the climate.


When Buying a Car, Pay Attention to the Emission Value of the Vehicle

Off-roaders are out. The bigger and heavier the car, the higher the consumption and the higher the CO2 emissions. We therefore recommend paying attention to the emission values when buying a car. Electric cars are significantly lower in emissions than fossil fuel vehicles when used for many years (varies by electricity mix).

What Else Can You Do?

Get the myclimate climate bookletand find out all the information and background on the subject of climate change. You will also find simple tips and tricks on how you can bYou can make your everyday life more conscious and climate-friendly with just a few small changes.

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