DuPont™ Sorona® presents fully recyclable stretch jacket

Best Practice: This recyclable jacket made from DuPont™ Sorona® is stretchy without using any spandex

Until now, recycling has been primarily focused on making garments from recycled materials. But the idea of a circular economy has not yet reached its goal. The question is, what happens to clothing at the end of its use phase? In most cases, the garments end up in the trash because their components were too different to be commercially recyclable. This is especially true for modern stretch fabrics with spandex admixtures. Finding a new solution here is the prerequisite for a truly circular economy with more recycling and less consumption of resources.

DuPont™ Sorona® proves that high-quality comfort stretch fabrics can be produced without spandex by presenting a stretchable, completely recyclable jacket.

Exemplary technology through cooperation

DuPont™ Sorona® proves that high-quality comfort stretch fabrics can also be produced without spandex by presenting a stretchable, completely recyclable jacket. In the showcase jacket, the outer layer is made of a durable, spandex-free Sorona® stretch fabric with a soft and almost cotton-like touch from the manufacturer Duream. For the inner lining, Sorona® stretch fabric from Jin Jin was used for its ability to snap back into shape for a smooth, wrinkle-free look. For the insulation, the recently launched ECOLoft™ Flex SR from Youngone is used combining Unifi Repreve® recycled polyester fibers with DuPont™ Sorona® polymer-based fibers. Maximized multi-layering of Repreve® and Sorona® in the padding web, creates a lightweight, warm insulation designed for breathability and movement. With a lower basis weight than its peers, it offers flexibility, stretch and comfort ideal for the casual market. Even the synthetic fur trim is made of Sorona® fibers. In this way, DuPont not only demonstrates the versatility of Sorona® fibers, but also demonstrates the groundbreaking ability to construct complex garments in a way that makes them recyclable.

The award winning Sorona® faux fur is a key element in the recyclable spandex-free stretch jacket.

DuPont™ Sorona®: partially bio-based, stretchable and recyclable

Sorona® is a high-performance comfort stretch fiber made from 37 percent plant-based raw materials. Sorona® fibers are a substitute for spandex and achieve long-lasting mechanical stretch and recovery performance. Sorona® is also resistant to heat, UV rays and chlorine exposure. Fabrics made with Sorona® fibers thus offer designers and brands a partially bio-based option that has an amazing hand feel, leaves a smaller environmental footprint and is mechanically recyclable at the end of a garment's life cycle. Chemical recycling is also technically possible.

Award-winning: Faux fur made from Sorona® fibers

One of the highlights of the jacket is the decorative fur trim made of Sorona® fibers. It was awarded "Best Product" in the "Accelerated Eco" category by the ISPO Textrends jury for the fall/winter 2021/22 season. Sorona® faux fur is made from 70-100% bio-based Sorona® polymer fibers, making it one of the first commercially available plant-based synthetic furs. Current styles vary from classic mink to plush teddy-style fur, offering limitless solutions for fashion apparel, such as the lining of a jacket or the trim of a collar, as well as footwear and accessories, including fur-lined shoes, earmuffs and more. The first plant-based faux fur offers a natural luxury look with a super soft, natural hand feel and is recyclable. As the apparel industry increasingly moves away from the use of animal fur, this innovative product offers a thoughtful solution to fur with a luxurious, high-end look and feel.

The decorative Sorona® faux fur was awarded "Best Product" in the "Accelerated Eco" category by the ISPO Textrends jury for the fall/winter 2021/22 season.
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