New Dimension of Boot Fitting: When Ski Boots Fit Perfectly from the Start

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Cutting edge technology versus uncomfortable (ski) boots: 3D foot scanners are on the best path towards revolutionizing boot purchasing. With its Bootdoc scanner Vandra, the company Wintersteiger promises nothing less than the perfect pair of ski boots for every customer, regardless of the shape of their feet – and for this, they received the title of Product of the Year in the Ski segment at the ISPO Award 2017/2018. 

Silvio Haslinger (Head of Marketing Sports) and Daniel Steininger (Head of Distribution Sports) rejoice over the ISPO AWARD.
Silvio Haslinger (Head of Marketing Sports) and Daniel Steininger (Head of Distribution Sports) rejoice over the ISPO AWARD.

Developed in cooperation with Volumental, the 3D scanner from Ried, Austria provides a three-dimensional image of the customer’s feet, where it analyzes all measurement data from instep height to ankle circumference, foot length and width, thereby determining the perfect, custom boot. It’s making boot fitting for ski boots and sole inserts fast and easy like never before.





“It is a strong, compact service unit with the capacity for sustainable use in all parts of the value chain. It helps consumers find more enjoyment in their equipment and sports,” the ISPO AWARD 2017/2018 jury lauded, awarding the foot scanner as Product of the Year in the Ski segment.

In an interview, Daniel Steininger, Head of Distribution Sports at Wintersteiger, talks about how the ISPO AWARD is strengthening the 900 employee-strong company with roughly 140 million euros, and how the Bootdoc brand can help retailers and consumers.

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Daniel Steininger in an interview The Bootdoc 3D foot scanner Vandra is taking boot fitting to the next level. What was the main drive behind the further development?
Daniel Steininger: From the beginning, Bootdoc has offered all kinds of analysis systems for the evaluation of foot data. A 3D analysis was the logical next step from existing 2D systems.

The analysis of a foot is the basis for downstream processes in the sales of soles or (ski) boots for all kinds of sports. In the foreground here is simple operation and swiftness, so that the product can be easily operated by sales personnel.

On our search for a partner, we hit pay dirt with Volumental, a Swedish technology start-up company. Volumental provides the basic technology and software, which together we are continuously expanding.

What do you think: What about your product ultimately won the jury over?
The integration and acceleration of the sales or lending process, as well as the fast and easy operation and visualization of the data.


The Bootdoc 3D scanner Vandra is PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in the Ski segment.
The Bootdoc 3D scanner Vandra is PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in the Ski segment.
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Where is your ISPO Award trophy?
The ISPO Award is prominently and safely stowed in a showcase in the sports building. Nearly every sports employee passes by several times a day, and thus can always enjoy it.

What was the direct feedback to the accolade of the ISPO Award like?
The ISPO Award lead to major interest, even during ISPO Munich 2017 – both from retailers and the media.


Did the win change your marketing plans at all?
We adapted the plans, but didn’t modify them in any big way. We’re incorporating the win a bit through advertising in various specialist magazines, newsletters, websites, and flyers.

What weight does the ISPO Award have in the industry and with customers?
The ISPO Award makes for attention in the industry, in any case. You’re better perceived as a brand. In the B2C sector, the weight is rather low in our case, since there aren’t any resalable products. For that, we’re hoping for an increase in awareness and revenues, as well as access to competitor customers and additional sales. 



Trend going towards digitization and comfort

What direction do you think the sports industry is developing in, and what role can your brand Bootdoc play in it?
Our goal is to create solutions for retail with a sale-supporting effect that also simplify and accelerate the process in retail. Generally, the trend in our segment is heading towards digitization and comfort.

How are you encouraging the innovative spirit in your company?
We’re focusing on continuous market research and exchanges of experience with key accounts. Add to that project-related bonus agreements with the responsible colleagues.

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