Public Screening and the Euros: UEFA Fan Zones and Beer Gardens in Germany

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UEFA EURO 2020 is on. But where can you watch the games together with friends at the public screening? ISPO.com gives you all the information you need on where and how you can safely join in the excitement at the European Championship in the host cities' fan zones and in Germany.

Deutsche Fußballfans fiebern mit dem DFB-Team – und sorgen für Umsatz.
We show in which setting public screenings are possible for the European Football Championship 2021 in Germany

With a year's delay, the time has finally come: from 11 June to 11 July, the first major event of this sporting summer awaits us with the European Football Championship.

It's time for public screenings and the shared excitement of watching the continent's best footballers play in best summer weather. But it is also clear that in times of the COVID pandemic, public screenings in 2021 will be a bit smaller than usual.We answer the most important questions about watching football together during the European Football Championship in the official UEFA fan zones and in Germany.

Where are the official UEFA events?

Many of the eleven host cities have a UEFA-organized Fan Zone with big screens and all matches live. The UEFA Fan Zones at a glance.


  • Amsterdam: cancelled
  • Baku: Heydar Aliyev Centre
  • Bucharest: Palace of the Parliament
  • Budapest: City Park Ice Rink and Boating
  • Copenhagen: Football Village at Ofelia Plads
  • Glasgow: Glasgow Green
  • London: Dan Zone in Trafalgar Square and Football Village in Potters Fields Park
  • Munich: cancelled
  • Rome: Fan Zone in Via dei Fori and Football Village in Piazza del Popolo
  • Saint Petersburg: Fan Zone in Palace Square and Football Village in Konyushennaya Square
  • Sevilla: cancelled

The situation in Great Britain

In addition to the two major UEFA Fan Zones in the host cities of London and Glasgow, many other public screening facilities are also open. In addition to bars, pubs and cinemas, stadium operators such as those in Plymouth also offer screenings. Stadium atmosphere guaranteed.

Are there any big public screening events in Germany?

Because of the ongoing pandemic, there are no plans for big events so far. In many cities, the large public events in the city centre have already been cancelled, including Germany's otherwise largest public screening: the "Fanmeile" at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The well-known public screening on the Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg will also not take place.

Are public screenings allowed in beer gardens in Germany?

Yes. At present, outdoor gastronomy is allowed to reopen in all federal states depending on the respective incidence value on site. Thus, watching the Euros in beer gardens and outdoor areas of restaurants will again become a community event.

In Bavaria, it was unclear for quite a while whether the late games with kick-off at 9 p.m. could be watched until the final whistle, as beer gardens had to close at 10 p.m., due to COVID regulations. Since 7 June, however, beer gardens are allowed to stay open until midnight. So nothing stands in the way of a balmy football night.

But: Incidence-dependent contact restrictions, proof of negative test, recovery or vaccination and other COVID rules of course do apply, and do vary from state to state.

What about German restaurants, pubs and sports bars?

Thanks to the falling infection figures, indoor catering is also allowed to open under certain conditions in many places. By now, all federal states have decided on this in their regulations. However, depending on the local incidence rate and the federal state, a negative COVID test may be necessary.

Where can I watch the European Football Championship on TV?

ARD and ZDF broadcast 41 of the 51 European Championship matches on free TV in Germany - including all matches with German participation and the entire knockout phase. MagentaTV will broadcast all matches live, ten of them exclusively.

Overview: The Coronavirus regulations of all 16 German federal states

Up to an incidence of less than 100, COVID measures are a matter for the states. The current regulations of the federal states at a glance:

As soon as incidence rates rise above 100, the "federal emergency brake" laid down in the Infection Protection Act applies. Among other restrictions, this includes indoor and outdoor restaurants being closed.

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