Men's mountain bike: What to consider before buying

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You want to buy a mountain bike for men, but are not an off-road professional? Especially for men, the offer is large. With these six tips you avoid mistakes and get the best mountain bike for your money.

Biking: A sport for body and mind

Out in the fresh air, through uneven terrain, with wind in your face and a good dose of thrills. With a mountain bike, you can let off steam and clear your head from the stresses of everyday life. This type of sport is not only suitable for losing weight, but above all you do something for your well-being. The whole week in the office - that cries out for a change and the urge for freedom becomes correspondingly great. Our article will help you choose the right mountain bike - then you can really get started!


Where should you buy a mountain bike?

The less experience you have with mountain bikes, the more important it is to go to a specialist shop. Only here you get the optimal mix of advice, test ride and individual adjustment. Only athletes who have a precise idea of the desired material and experience in assembly should buy a men's mountain bike online. Then, however, one or the other euro can be saved.

Those who are hardly able to distinguish between a fully and a hardtail should rather go to a specialist shop.


The right time to buy a mountain bike

Many arguments speak for the spring: At this time, the new mountain bike trends and models come on the market, which causes a price drop of the previous year's bikes. Not to be underestimated is also: At this time of the year, the mountain bike comes immediately to use. So you do not put the good intentions unnecessarily to the test. Nevertheless, the first warm days of the year should be avoided - especially on Saturdays: Good advice takes time, jostling shoppers in crowded stores are more of a hindrance.

In addition to spring, however, there are also a number of arguments in favor of fall. Great bargains and warm autumn days make cyclists' hearts beat faster.


Buy men's mountain bike: Use and Budget

The seller of the men's mountain bike will ask you two questions:

  • Firstly: Where and how often will you ride your mountain bike in the future - sporadically in the city forest as a bike in everyday life or yet regularly on a big Alpine tour?
  • Second: What is your budget? Good mountain bikes are offered from about 800 euros, the equipment is added if necessary. There are hardly any upper limits to the price. If you budget less, you won't find what you're looking for even with the best advice. Here it is a good alternative to buy a used MTB.

Mountain bike novices are often surprised that the equipment of the mountain bike from the point of view of the road rider leaves many wishes open. Components such as lighting, bells or mudguards can be purchased separately, but are not part of the standard package. 


The frame from the mountain bike

The first decisive factor is the correct frame size, which the specialist shop will determine for you. To be on the safe side, you can determine your own comparison size in advance. There are various methods and calculation formulas, starting from the inner leg or stride length. 

Much discussed (in addition to the topic of 26 or 29 inches) is the question of the best material. For many occasional mountain bikers, it is already decided by the price: carbon is significantly more expensive, but offers the highest stiffness and the lowest weight. Cheaper alternatives offer frames made of aluminum or steel, with aluminum bringing the lower weight. Aluminum is usually the first choice.

In the high-end range, frames made of titanium are used, which are considered extremely durable. However, the price should not play a role.


MTB buy: The type is crucial

Depending on the use, various types have developed in the mountain bike, for example, the "downhill" for rapid but safe descents or the "trial" for feats in difficult terrain. For inexperienced buyers, this is probably pie in the sky. However, a distinction must be made in any case: Hardtail MTB or Fully MTB?

With the "Hardtail", the rear suspension is dispensed with. The mountain bike is thus lighter, easier to maintain and also cheaper to buy than a full-suspension mountain bike, the "Fully". On the other hand, you have to do without comfort when riding a hardtail and have less control over the bike, especially on descents. The Fully (Full Suspension Mountain Bike) is able to compensate for unevenness thanks to its suspension. This also ensures good grip.


Brakes on men mountain bike

Tests regularly reveal large differences in the braking effect, but the following still applies: If the bike has hydraulic disc brakes, you can rely on the manufacturer. When buying a mountain bike, make sure that the brake levers are easy to use, i.e. that the lever width is adapted to your needs.

Men's mountain bik: fun has top priority

Once you have found the right mountain bike for you, you can head out into nature. Whatever terrain you feel comfortable on, there are no limits. Buying an MTB is not an easy decision at first, because the selection on the market is large - once you have made your choice, you will enjoy countless hours of riding.


Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about men's mountain bikes.

What are the advantages of a mountain bike with suspension?

A mountain bike with suspension absorbs shocks better, which means that less physical effort is required and you save energy when riding. In addition, the mountain bike is more stable on uneven terrain, because the suspension provides a better grip.

What is a hardtail?

A hardtail MTB has no suspension in the rear area. The bike is suspended via a suspension fork in the front wheel. A hardtail MTB is ideal for forest trails, gravel roads and easier routes.

What is a Fully Bike?

Unlike the hardtail, the Fully Bike is fully suspended, i.e. in the front and rear area. This makes it best suited for stony or generally uneven trails.

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