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E-Cargo-Bikes: Perfect Vehicles for Everyday Use

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Cargo bikes play an important role in the mobility transition. They offer the possibility to organize urban life without a car, to do the shopping at the hardware store or the beverage store, or just to take the kids for a walk. shows the most exciting e-bikes of the year.


Larry vs Harry: E-Bullitt

The first names of the founders Lars Malmborg and Hans Fogh stand for the Copenhagen company Larry vs. Harry, which manufactures the extremely trendy Bullitt cargo bikes. In 2007 - at that time still without an engine _ the first model was created on the basis of a "Long John" - with a low-lying load platform between the handlebars and the front wheel. Larry and Harry promise to build durable bikes that are agile on the one hand and anything but cumbersome on the other, especially with electric assistance. Two Shimano drives are available with ranges of up to 100 km, and the Bullits can also be configured for a wide range of uses and loaded with up to 100 kg.


Bergamont: E-Cargoville Bakery

Bergamont's E-Cargoville Bakery doesn't really look like you'd imagine an e-bike to be. A comfortable low-entry frame combined with two racks gives the impression of a city bike. However, the Cargoville Bakery can do much more than just carry the groceries from the bakery. The front and rear carrier system can be expanded in many ways - for example, shopping can be carried on the front carrier with the appropriate baskets, while a child seat can be mounted on the rear. The bike can carry a total weight of up to 160 kilos - due to its size, it takes up little space in the garage or cellar and is also suitable for a trip to the café or beer garden without any luggage.


Riese and Müller: Load 75

Like probably no other manufacturer, Riese und Müller stands for sophisticated technology, attention to detail, highest quality and unique functionality. For example, the "Birdy" once became the epitome of the folding bike - and the bike manufacturer from Hesse also sets standards in e-bikes. The Load 75 is the largest model from Riese und Müller - and combines - with full suspension and a huge loading area - riding fun with the greatest possible flexibility. With the angle- and height-adjustable stem, the geometry can be adapted to different riders in a few simple steps. And the load area is also extremely versatile: The Load 75 can carry a total weight of up to 200 kilos and is also perfect as a family carriage, with which up to three children can be transported safely.


Cube: Cargo Hybrid

Cube is one of the biggest bike manufacturers in Germany and has thus also gained an excellent reputation in the sporty segment. Technologically always on the cutting edge, Cube bikes are among the best in terms of value for money. This also applies to the Cargo Hybrid e-bike. It is available with either continuously variable hub gears or ten-speed derailleur gears - either with one battery or two. With two batteries, 1000 watt hours power the fourth-generation Bosch Cargo Line motor. But that's enough of the differences: All models have in common that the transport box with well thought-out accessories can be used in many different ways - including the rider, the Cargo Hybrid can be loaded with 170 kilos.


Portus: Compact Cargo Karl

"The makers of the Portus brand write on their homepage: "Cargo bikes will save the world. It will probably be a while before that happens - but today the manufacturer from Baden-Württemberg is already doing its part. The Compact Cargo Karl is lovingly handcrafted, the Portus forge produces its own steel frames and assembles all components in its own workshop. The result is a bike whose front carrier can carry two crates of drinks, for example, while your offspring can ride along comfortably and safely in the back. The Compact Cargo Karl is available with Bosch's Gen4 CX motor, suspension fork and a choice of derailleur gears, automatic hub gears or Rohloff gear hub - and optionally with knobby tyres. The Portus makers' simple reasoning: "What works in the city also works off-road."


HNF Nicolai: CD1

HNF Nicolai wants to combine the transport possibilities of a car with the manoeuvrability of a bicycle with its e-bike. How does that work? On the one hand, with a permissible total weight of 280 kilos - which is more than most other models on the market - and on the other hand, with three wheels that lean into corners using tilting technology. The Cargobike from HNF Nicolai is available with two different wheelbases and load floor lengths and can be flexibly configured. The trike is powered by the powerful Bosch CX motor with Enviolo automatic hub. Gates Carbon Drive also replaces chain, chainrings and sprockets and is said to last around four times longer - without any maintenance.


Convercycle: Electric

Cargo bikes are bulky and unwieldy? Not at Convercycle, where a team of product designers, engineers and project managers in Frankfurt and Offenbach have developed a bicycle that is both: city and cargo bike. How does it work? Without tools, the rear wheel can be folded out in no time at all, creating a generous loading area that can carry a total weight of up to 180 kilos. Shopping, crates of drinks or sports equipment can be transported with ease. And without a load, the Convercycle with front-wheel drive is manoeuvrable through the city, can be easily stowed in the cellar and finds space on buses and trains without stress.


Kettler: Familiano

With a family carriage of a completely different kind, Kettler causes a sensation with the Familiano L-N. Small 20-inch wheels and an extra-long luggage rack: With a permissible total weight of 180 kilos, it is extremely resilient and agile, and also an eye-catcher next to all the lavish cargo bikes. And with the optional additional battery with 1000 watt hours, it is also extremely enduring. There is room for two child seats on the rear carrier, and the shopping can then be transported on the optional front carrier. Voluminous tyres ensure comfort without service-intensive suspension elements, while the continuously variable gear hub provides an intuitive driving experience. If all this is too much for you: The Familiano is also available as a short C-version - either with ten-speed derailleur or hub gears. The rear rack can then still hold two water boxes, but only one child seat.

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