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The big blogger survey, part 1: This is how important ISPO MUNICH is for influencers

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The media are changing, bloggers and influencers are becoming increasingly important. On, well-known premium bloggers report why ISPO MUNICH is a must-attend event for influencers, what they personally expect - and what advice they have for newcomers. Read the big survey: with tips from You are an Adventure Story, Sports Insider, Runfurther, Laufsteiger, maha Lifestyle, Food for Fitness, Family & Finish Lines.

ISPO MUNICH 2017 is also worth it for bloggers.
ISPO MUNICH 2017 is also worth it for bloggers.

Bloggers are crucial multipliers for the leading trade show of the sports business.
More than 160 bloggers have registered so far. The list is still open. Why it's worth being there from February 5 to 8, premium bloggers explain on

Adventure Story: You meet all the brands at ISPO


Magdalena Kalus und Anja Kaiser sind
Magdalena Kalus und Anja Kaiser sind
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Peak Art Images

Magdalena Kalus and Anja Kaiser, You are an Adventure Story: "At ISPO MUNICH, you meet just about all brands from the sports industry and thus many familiar and new faces. In addition, there are the latest products and trends to explore and exciting lectures as well as a cool supporting program to experience.

Our experience so far has been thoroughly positive. We have made many contacts and thus been able to realize projects, meet interesting people and get inspiration. We were particularly impressed that the trade show is really so comprehensive."

On You Are An Adventure Story the two Munich-based women Magdalena Kalus and Anja Kaiser blog about sports, winter sports and their experiences in the mountains for an international target group. Their Instagram account has 21,500 subscribers.

Sports Insider: Open for digital media

Daniel Klarkowski, the Sports Insider: "ISPO MUNICH has become a fixed date in my calendar because openness to digital media and bloggers has also grown in the sports business. While in the early years the focus was on retailers and established magazines, many brands are now opening up to influencers and more innovative communication channels.

However, the stages of development are still inhomogeneous. While one is very welcome in some sports, there are also still some that continue to stick to the old concepts and have no strategy for the young, digital customer groups."

Sports Insider was founded in 2008 by Daniel Klarkowski. So far, about 4000 articles have appeared, mainly on the topics of running, equipment and training methods.

Runfurther: "ISPO is pure communication".


Cindy Haase bloggt auf über das Laufen.
Cindy Haase bloggt auf über das Laufen.
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Cindy Haase, Runfurther: "ISPO is a get-together. A place where you can discover many interesting novelties. For me as a blogger, networking is an important point - and here you meet them all.

You can meet many fellow bloggers, who you often only know from social media, in person - and also get to know the people behind the brands. ISPO MUNICH is pure communication - and a great "playground" to try things out."

Cindy Haase has lived in Munich since 2014, loves the mountains, lakes and running. She reports about it on and on her Facebook page.

Runner: Thanks to ISPO to the brand ambassador

Andreas Cott, Laufsteiger: "If you really want to look to the future as a blogger, you can't get past ISPO. Last year, I made exciting contacts that fed topics for my blog throughout the year. A company I met at ISPO MUNICH last year will make me a brand ambassador this year."

Andreas Cott from Düsseldorf blogs as a running Ideas, analysis and tests on sports-related innovations - and musings on products that don't yet exist.

maha Lifestyle: contacts and collaborations


maha Lifestyle bringt als YouTube-Kanal die Alpen ins Wohnzimmer.
maha Lifestyle bringt als YouTube-Kanal die Alpen ins Wohnzimmer.
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maha Lifestyle

Julian Witting, maha Lifestyle: "As a winter sports YouTube channel, ISPO MUNICH is the trade show par excellence for us. The entire industry from ski manufacturers to drone and camera equipment is on site. We make contacts, establish/expand cooperations and have an all-around good time. Not least with other bloggers and influencers."

The YouTube channel maha Lifestyle brings the Alps into every living room. Julian, Bastian and Marius take their viewers to the most beautiful regions of the mountains.

Food for Fitness: Social contacts more important than equipment

Sarah Braun, Food for Fitness: "For me as a runner and winter sports enthusiast, ISPO means first and foremost being able to find out about the latest international trends and product innovations from the winter sports and outdoor sectors. On the other hand, meeting many familiar as well as new faces who share the same passions as I do. For me, this social contact is actually much more important than the latest equipment to hit the market next year."

On Food for Fitness Munich-based Sarah Braun blogs about her motto "Feast healthier, run faster." Her photos from the gym and the kitchen are available at Running Sarah on Instagram.

Family & Finish Lines: acquaintances from the Internet


Jana, Simon und Mathilda Motschnig bloggen als sportliche Familie.
Jana, Simon und Mathilda Motschnig bloggen als sportliche Familie.
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Family and Finish Lines

Simon Motschnig, Family & Finish Lines: "We were already absolutely thrilled with ISPO MUNICH last year. We met many "acquaintances" from the Internet, talked to companies and expanded our know-how. That's a challenge for every blogger."

Jana, Simon and Mathilda Motschnig blog on from the perspective of an athletic family about proper nutrition, holistic training and the right training equipment.





What do the top bloggers personally expect from ISPO MUNICH?

Bloggers at ISPO MUNICH receive press accreditation with free admission on all days of the trade show. They can also look forward to exciting networking opportunities with other bloggers and media representatives, interesting innovations from the product world, and interview opportunities with decision-makers from the sports industry. But what do the top bloggers personally expect from ISPO MUNICH 2017? Continue here with the survey.

Adventure Story: New projects emerge from networking

Magdalena Kalus and Anja Kaiser, You are an Adventure Story: "For us, the focus at ISPO MUNICH is on networking with exhibitors and brands. During the numerous conversations, ideas for new projects emerge, existing topics are discussed more intensively and we refine our annual planning quite massively. So far, we haven't been able to find a brand that's missing and haven't missed any area of the sports industry - everything is represented and in four days you also have enough time to network."

Sports Insider: Companies need to open up


Daniel Klarkowski ist Gründer von Sports Insider.
Daniel Klarkowski ist Gründer von Sports Insider.
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Sports Insider

Daniel Klarkowski, the Sports Insider: "Forging new contacts is important, but it still works out at best in a mixed way, because not all companies have already found for themselves the way they want to deal with bloggers. So there are still slightly bizarre encounters now and then, but that gets better from year to year. What I'd like to see here above all is a professional approach to bloggers and open communication."

Runfurther: In search of supporters

Cindy Haase, Runfurther: "The opportunities to get in touch with brands and products in a concentrated space are gigantic. I hope to find new topics that can be interesting and can be processed into my blog. I like to push my own project and find supporters.

Runner becomes #swimmsteiger at ISPO MUNICH


Andreas Cott aus Düsseldorf startet mit seinem Blog Laufsteiger ein neues Projekt.
Andreas Cott aus Düsseldorf startet mit seinem Blog Laufsteiger ein neues Projekt.

Andreas Cott, Laufsteiger: "On, I not only blog about my own athletic experiences, but I also ask myself how innovations can make exercising healthier, more fun, and more efficient. I am not only interested in technological trends, but also in innovative business models and training concepts. In particular, the influence of increasing digitalization is an exciting topic.

This week marks the start of my personal project #swimmsteiger. In this self-experiment, I'm stepping outside my box as a passionate runner and exploring the question of how far I can become a good swimmer within 100 days with targeted training. For sure, I will also use ISPO MUNICH to look for potential partners from the swimming scene."

maha Lifestyle: ISPO is a networking booster

Julian Witting, maha Lifestyle: "The benefits are immense thanks to two factors: on the one hand, ISPO gives very good content for our channels, and on the other, the short distances to the various brands mean that very good contacts are established. The trade show offers a very good network booster for us."

Food for Fitness: Friendships are formed in the exhibition halls


Sarah Braun bloggt auf Food for Fitness.
Sarah Braun bloggt auf Food for Fitness.
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Food for Fitness

Sarah Braun, Food for Fitness: "ISPO MUNICH is a great opportunity to expand your network. After all, for a blogger, such a network is essential in the respective industry. Here it is also less about exploiting these contacts, but much more about meeting like-minded people and exchanging ideas. That's how friendships are sometimes formed in the exhibition halls and the one or other idea that I can then share with the readers of my blog."



Family & Finish Lines: Reunion with the family

Simon Motschnig, Family & Finish Lines: "This year, too, we are all about meeting old and new faces, getting in touch, seeing our Salming "family" again, trying out new things, being curious and just having a great time as a family. Munich is always worth the trip.

Plus, we'll be participating in a unique 3D running analysis (info: participation is free and there are still available dates)."

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