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Product reviews/09/14/2023

Testing the Ternua Rotor Pt: hiking pants from fishing nets

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What can the Ternua Rotor Pt do? Amos knows. Because he has tested it for the Italian sports magazine for the Italian sports magazine readers can now benefit from this as well: We are publishing Mountainreview's tests, which were previously only available in Italian, in German, English, French, and Spanish. - these are real practical tests by ambitious (hobby) athletes who spend every free minute in the mountains. The tests are hands-on and relentlessly honest, by mountain enthusiasts for mountain enthusiasts. The "Consumer Experts" run, hike, ski or climb and test current equipment for its suitability for the outdoor lifestyle.

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The special feature of the Ternua Rotor Pt

The pants are part of the trekking series Rotor of the Spanish company Ternua and are designed as extremely lightweight hiking pants suitable for all outdoor activities. Made from recycled materials from fishing nets, it fits perfectly to the body, maintaining its original shape and guaranteeing extreme freedom of movement.

Overall rating

The Ternua Rotor Pt is a versatile technical pant made from recycled materials that is suitable for all outdoor activities. The high level of lightness and ergonomics combined with the water-repellent treatment and high abrasion resistance make them particularly suitable for trekking tours and hikes that involve even some scrambling.

Technical characteristics of the Ternua Rotor Pt

Fabric composition:

85% bioelastic polyamide, 15% elastane, Bluesign certified fabric


Quick-drying shellstretch
Adjustable waist with double velcro strap
4 zippered pockets
PFC-free water repellent treatment (DWR)

Weight:305 g
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On all paths: Test Modes

The product was tested in April. I wore it on various hikes, including multi-day hikes: from forest walks to treks on mid-mountain trails to long running descents. Elevations ranged from 300 to 1,200 meters and up to maximum elevations of 2,400 meters.

I was also able to use them often in an urban setting. They were tested in spring-like temperatures and changeable weather, where I experienced snowy sections and even light rain.

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Look and feel

The first thing you notice about the trousers is their pleasant lightness. At first glance, the 305 grams of the product suggest that the trousers are not very durable and too thin, but after wearing them, I changed my mind.

I immediately appreciated the quality of the material and its sustainable origin, which is well explained on the label. I was impressed by the adjustable leg cuffs and the double waist adjustment.

The color and the clear design together with the good workmanship convinced me from the beginning, even as urban wear.

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Adjustment and comfort

The Ternua Rotor Pt pants do not have an elastic waist adjustment system, but are equipped with a double Velcro closure on the side. While this system offers a limited adjustment range, it also allows for faster and more direct handling.

If you still want to tighten the waist, there are also six classic fabric loops for inserting a belt.

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A high level of comfort is noticeable from the first time you wear it. The soft fabric and its elasticity provide plenty of freedom of movement, even when running. The ergonomic slim-fit design of the Ternua Rotor Pt, together with the shellstretch fabric, ensures that the pants adapt to the body and always retain their shape.

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Four functional pockets

The Ternua Rotor Pt has a total of four pockets, all with a precise and well-designed zipper.

The front pockets and the pockets above the knee are placed frontally, and although I usually prefer them more to the side, I found them functional and with the right capacity. In the same cut, the back pocket is positioned on the right buttock.

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Breathability and water column

Despite the extremely mild temperatures and intense activity, the Ternua Rotor Pt always gave me a cool feeling without making me sweat.

On a colder hike with moderate wind on the ridge, I could see how the pants sufficiently protected against the (slight) cold when in motion. When standing, however, the lower temperatures made themselves felt. For this reason, I recommend them as clothing for mild / warm climates.

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I was also able to test the Ternua Rotor Pt in light rain and on slopes still covered in snow. In both cases, the water drops slid off the water-repellent treated fabric and I stayed dry.

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A notable feature is the ability to adjust the leg cuffs with an elastic band. When pulled over the waistband of the boots, the pants act as a gaiter, perfect for small snow fields, also because of the quick-drying effect.

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Extensive protection

As I said, although the Ternua Rotor Pt seems too thin at first glance, in practice it is very abrasion resistant. On my trips I often encountered more technical sections with rocky bumps and tricky passages, rocks and dense pine trees. The trousers have always held up well without showing any signs of wear.

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The only downside is the lack of reinforcement on the knees and especially the buttocks. During lunch breaks, when I was sitting on dry, grassy slopes, I had to pull another piece of clothing under me to avoid feeling the prickly grass.

Recycled fishing nets: Ternua stands for sustainability

Ternua's commitment to the sustainability of this and other products deserves mention. As already mentioned, the Spanish company supports a recycling project in which discarded fishing nets are collected and turned into sustainable garments. In addition, the fabric is Bluesign-certified, which stands for sustainable production and compliance with fair working conditions. The water-repellent treatment is also sustainable and free of fluorine substances.

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Fit of the Ternua Rotor Pt

I am 1.83 cm tall and 75 kg and have tested the pants as usual in size L. Since I have a fairly narrow waist, I used the Velcro closures to optimize the fit. By pulling them as tight as possible, I did not need to add a belt.

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Recommended for outdoor enthusiasts

I recommend the Ternua Rotor Pt to anyone looking for a comfortable and versatile pant for all outdoor activities. I recommend them especially for trekking, hiking and walking as well as for everyday activities.

Their light weight, water repellent properties and ergonomics make them ideal for long hikes in mild to warm weather.

Finally, I recommend the pants to those who care about the environment and the sustainable ethics of outdoor materials.

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