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Sports, fun, pointless? These sports holidays offers the year 2023

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Sweatpants Day, World Penguin Day, No Brainer Day: Sounds like fun at first, right? What sometimes sounds like pointless children's fantasies are action days that, at second glance, have a major impact on society. They inspire. They draw attention to real problems. They affect people and the planet. And above all: they are a lot of fun. ISPO.com introduces you to the most important "sports holidays" of the year.

World Dance Day, Sweatpants Day or World Fatness Day are waiting for you.

International Women's Day, March 8

It is the day of struggle for women: International Women's Day or International Women's Day is about their equal rights. And even though we had a female chancellor for many years and everyone has the same rights on paper, the day is more important than ever.

Equal pay, better childcare, working hours that fit life - all of these should enable women and men to have the same opportunities to work and live as a family. And there's still work to be done.

In 1910, German women's rights activist Clara Zetkin launched Women's Day. It will probably remain a day of struggle for a long time to come until it can become a holiday of complete equality.

Global Recycling Day, March 18

Are you still a throwaway or a recycling hero? On Global Recycling Day at the latest, you should answer this question openly and honestly. The day is there to think about the careful use of our resources.

A motto for the sports and outdoor industry? Recycling is king, mono-material is queen. Because products that ideally consist of only one material will still have a future tomorrow thanks to recycling. Circular economy is the magic word that creates true sustainability. That's why we need to rethink what we throw away.

World Penguin Day, April 25

Sounds like fun at first, but it has a very serious background. Penguins are the heroes of evolution: they can adapt to their habitat as well as hardly any other animal. But Antarctica is changing so fast that even the penguin can't keep up and, like many other animal species, is threatened with extinction.

Why April 25? Because that's when penguins begin their migration north. The day should be food for thought for us - that it's quarter past twelve when even the survivalist among animals is threatened.

Image credit:
Martin Wettstein/Unsplash.com

World Dance Day, April 29

Breakdance, ballet, jazz, Afrodance - this day belongs to the dance world and is celebrated by dancers all over the world. It was initiated by the International Committee of Dance of the International Theatre Institute (ITI of the UNESCO) and set for April 29 - the birthday of French dancer and choreographer Jean-Georges Noverrewho developed modern ballet.

The special thing? Each year, a special dancer delivers a message celebrating this art form. For example, Stuttgart dancer Friedemann Vogel, who was the 2021 International Ambassador of Dance: "Everything starts with movement - an instinct we all have - and dance is movement refined to communicate."

Anti Diet Day, May 6

Anti-Diet Day, May 6, is an extremely important day, because it stands against diets and diets that are only focused on appearance and harm us. A look at the history of its origin is enough to understand this. Englishwoman Mary Evans Young initiated the day in 1992 after a 15-year-old girl took her own life - she thought she was too fat at dress size 40. Young thus pioneered terms like body positivity, which are more widely used today - and that's a good thing. She founded the organization Diet Breakers and advocates for recognizing natural size and weight differences.

International World Bike Day, June 3

Hurray for pop-up bike lanes and the priority of bicycles over cars! The UN agrees: in 2018, it made June 3 World Bicycle Day. The reasoning behind it is clear: cycling has social, economic and environmental benefits, makes us happy and healthy. And it's also a sport that connects people and is accessible to many. With so much encouragement from the highest institution in the world community, there should really be no question that cycling is one of the global megatopics.

So on this day at least, just leave your car behind and think about where else you can get on your bike.

Image credit:
Munbaik Cycling Clothing/Unplash.com

World Blood Donor Day, June 14

Donating blood saves lives - and yet there is a shortage of donated blood. On June 14, the birthday of Austrian serologist Karl Landsteiner, governments and initiatives around the world are therefore drawing attention to this on World Blood Donor Day.

Because although blood reserves could soon be depleted in Germany, there is a lack of awareness. A motto was first created for World Blood Donor Day in 2012 - it is as relevant today as it was then: "Every blood donor is a hero." Don't we all want to be saved ourselves in an emergency?

International World Population Day, July 11

When today's 50-year-olds came into the world, there were not even four billion people in the world - with this year's newborns, there are already more than eight billion people.

With July 11, International World Population Day, the United Nations wants to draw attention to precisely this problem of overpopulation and create awareness of the problem. The German Foundation for World Population supports the anniversary with an appeal for education: "The higher the level of education of women, the fewer children they give birth to, because they are better informed about their bodies as well as contraceptive methods."

Earth Overshoot Day, July

This day is best left until December 31: Earth Overshoot Day, however, has been in the summer for many years. At the end of July, mankind has used up all the resources that the Earth can provide in a year. It was a long time ago, in 1971, that this day was in December. In the meantime, we live in such a way that we would need 1.75 Earths for all our resources. In order to make do with what we have, Greenpeace is calling for an end to throwaway capitalism: sharing, borrowing, swapping and repairing should be the way out.

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International Geocaching Day, August 19

You don't have any motivation to go out and you already know everything in your area? Or you don't want to go on vacation again only to the one sight that everyone visits? Then the international Geocaching Day is the right anniversary for you.

Geocaching is a treasure hunt with the help of an app. Using GPS data, you can reach your destination. The special thing about it: the hiding places are always in a special place, to which there is also a story to discover. The anniversary is always on the third Saturday in August - the community always makes a special effort to create new hiding places (cashs) on this day.

So why not give it a try?

International First Aid Day, September 9

Can you still remember your first aid course? If so, good - if not, the International First Aid Day on September 9 is a good occasion to brush up on your knowledge again.

Every year on the second Saturday of September, this day is celebrated. 150 countries with Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies participate. The aim is to draw attention to the importance of professional emergency aid and to activate as many helpers as possible - so if in doubt, head for the next first aid course.

Ozone Layer Day, September 16

The Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is an example of an environmental protection measure that has actually already brought about improvement. It was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1995 - September 16 was chosen because it was on this day in 1987 that the Montreal Protocol was signed. With it, the world pledged to cut back on the use of chemicals that damage the ozone layer.

And it's working: the ozone layer has been recovering for years. If that's not motivation and proof enough that consistency leads to success.

Image credit:
Guillermo Alverez/Unsplash.com

World Vegetarian Day, October 1

World Vegetarian Day was started in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) - and was well received, as October 1 has since become just the kickoff for October Vegetarian Month. The idea is to call on vegetarians during this time to also educate others about the benefits of the diet.

It continues on November 1 with World Vegan Day as the anniversary of the founding of the Vegan Society.

Breast Cancer Month October

October has a fixed place in the calendar as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And not just in Germany, but worldwide. After all, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Germany, with 66,800 new cases each year.

What we should take away? That as a woman, regular preventive examinations and ideally still your own breast palpation are mandatory - can save lives.

November = Movember

A beard for men's health! What Travis Garone and Luke Slattery came up with in one night 20 years ago in Melbourne is revolutionary. The two turned November into Movember. They revived mustaches - moustache in English, hence the mo - which by then had gone completely out of fashion. They combined this with initiatives for more men's health. In the meantime, the boys have financed more than 1250 projects worldwide through their sponsors and found more than five million supporters. Their goal: to reduce the number of men who die prematurely by 25 percent by 2030.

Image credit:
Mitchel Lensink/Unsplash.com

World Fatality Day, 13 November

Why so serious? World Kindness Day brings a little good humor and togetherness into our serious and often distant everyday life. It was brought to life by the friendly Japanese.

So: Just be extra nice on November 13. Making others happy, smiling at the other person, even letting something pass - is guaranteed to do your own mood good.

World Soil Day, December 5

Anyone who has ever dug up their garden or a field knows where life grows. Every year, World Soil Day on December 5 aims to remind people of the importance of good quality soil. The initiative for this day came from Thailand in 2002. But the challenges of careful yet effective soil use affect the whole world. In Germany, 35 percent of the land area is still used for arable farming. Good soils are an ecotope with filter and storage functions for clean water and nutrient recycling. World Soil Day is a good occasion to be grateful for this resource - and to think again about how to use it responsibly.

International Tea Day, December 15

December 15 is not about enjoyment, it's about fairness. International Tea Day was established in Mumbai in 2004 and in Porto Alegre in 2005 by the World Social Forum and then set by the United Nations for May 21. The aim is to strengthen the rights of tea pickers and to support tea farmers in organic cultivation. In the tea-growing regions, tea pickers often work for low wages.

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International Sweatpants Day, January 21

Wearing sweatpants to the office or school? Unthinkable a few years ago. And so a few Austrian students accidentally proclaimed Sweatpants Day when they wore them to school at Mardi Gras. After that, the trend went through the roof, especially on Facebook: Sweatpants in the office, in public places, sweatpants everywhere! A holiday was born. And also a new it-piece for brands and retailers - on International Sweatpants Day you can find mostly buying offers.

Today, no one gets upset about sweatpants anymore. They have long since become a lifestyle accessory, no longer stand for laziness and letting oneself go, but have become a real statement piece and are indispensable in scenes like street style.

World days without smartphone, February 6-8

Life without a smartphone? Practically unimaginable. A few days without a smartphone? All the more worth a try: from February 6 to 8 are the World Days without Smartphone.

Actually, the inventor of the day, French writer Phil Marso, wanted to use the initiative to advertise his book - which was a total flop and wasn't even translated into German. Marso wanted to raise awareness of cell phone use and therefore initiated a day without cell phones on February 6, 1999. Since 2004, the holiday has been extended to three days and has long since had nothing to do with Marso's book - but is more topical than ever.

What we can take away: An opportunity to reflect on our own smartphone use. And perhaps to turn off the cell phone and go for a walk in nature or pedal up the next mountain on a mountain bike instead.

No Brainer Day, February 27

Giving your brain a break, what a beautiful idea. What is this day all about? Keeping things simple, not brooding or second-guessing yourself - just being mindful and present for a change. Invented by Adrienne Sioux Koppersmith in 1996, the day is something we need, especially in turbulent times.

What we can take away as inspiration? To focus on what is really important in life. Turn off the PC, play badminton or boules with friends. Go for a walk or a hike. Lie down on the couch. Or do something fun with your family. The main thing is to turn off your brain and turn on your heart.

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