Sports Business/01/24/2020

Adidas Outdoor at ISPO Munich: Why 2020 Will Be an Exciting Year for Sports

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Adidas Outdoor is back at ISPO Munich 2020. A few days before the start ISPO Munich 2020, Tim Janaway, General Manager Adidas Outdoor, talks to about the companies ambitions in sustainability, new product developments, the year 2020 and why ISPO is the perfect platform for Terrex.

Adidas Outdoor at ISPO Munich 2020

Terrex is the outdoor division of the German sporting goods giant. According to Terrex, their target group is "all those who go their own way in nature, let their imagination run free and exceed their own expectations - be it climbing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking or various mountain sports". It´s the beginning of a new century. Where do you see the biggest challenges for the sport and outdoor industry in the following ten years and how do you approach these challenges?
Tim Janaway: Today’s young outdoor consumers demand products that deliver performance and style in a sustainable way without compromise. You will see a relentless stream of sustainable innovations coming from us. We believe you don’t need to compromise performance for style, and you don’t need to compromise performance for sustainability. Adidas Outdoor has been at this a long time and is totally committed and believes that the more you look after the planet, the more the planet looks after you.

"Today’s young outdoor consumers demand products that deliver performance and style in a sustainable way without compromise", says Stephan Guter. 
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2020 is an exciting year for sports with the Olympic games and the European Football Championships. Which role do these events play for adidas?
True, 2020 is an exciting year for sports. Adidas Outdoor is really happy to have four female athletes with the hopes of winning in the climbing competition at the Olympics. We are looking forward to equipping them with the best possible gear through our Terrex apparel and our Five Ten climbing range.

Adidas is back at ISPO with Terrex. What is the reason for that and what do you expect from this years ISPO Munich?
For us, ISPO Munich is a great chance to display our Brand and tell great stories to media and key retailers. At this year’s ISPO Munich we are not only showing our Fall/Winter 2020 product highlights. We furthermore want to highlight our ambitions in sustainability on different touchpoints. The highlight is our fully recyclable FUTURECRAFT.LOOP by Terrex jacket that we are displaying at our booth.

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