5 textiles trends for spring/summer 2019

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The following trends will describe in detail what designers and product managers are looking for in order to develop their upcoming collections.


This trend is simply the best when it comes to strength and tenacity. From anti- tear and anti-stress materials to body mapped aspects of reinforced engineered zones, only the toughest, resilient and durable fibers will do. The growth in high-tenacity yarns is having an effect on the market, previously tough and rigid, today’s new all-powerful fabrics have a super soft hand and enhanced flexibility. A key aspect for extreme sports including road cycling and rock climbing is the endurance these fabrics can withstand, enhancing the performanceof the wearer. The appeal of this trend also influences the growing ‘lifestyle’ sector, from urban activities through to leisure and camping.

The best in lightweight protection also features, with high performance denim and lightweight ripstop delivering an anti-tear function, and more importantly to the consumer, longer life to products, which in turn means added value. Not just confined to wovens, knits are also taking up this trend with protective elements applied in single and double-layer sponge-like fabrics.

The focus on protection continues further with engineered fabrics that lock on impact for cycling through to high compression fabrics that embrace the wearer anatomically in crucial places. Trims and accessories take up this directionwith super strong snappers and zippers, through to tough accessories that are incredibly strong. The alliance of strength with softness is appealing across the textile industry, applicable to many sectors from high impact sports throughto lifestyle, as fabrics become much lighter but still maintain their character and performance with amazing fortitude. The tenacious approach is a growth area in all sectors of the market and not to be missed. This about getting the maximum out of materials.

textile trend maximal



  • Aramid yarns
  • High tenacity yarns
  • Graphite-inspired strength - 200 time finer than a human hair
  • Natural, manmade and synthetics fibers all feature as blending partners
  • Classics including gabardine and twill are updated in lighter weights with hightenacity yarns for enduring products
  • Featherweight rip stops - super light and consider moire and coloredmembranes for finish
  • Tough membranes and coatings - for shell-like protection
  • Glassy aspects through cooling technology
  • Settable silicon
  • Stretch laminates for added protection to the embedded high tenacity yarns
  • Breathable DWR finishes
  • High power spandex/elastane for high compression
  • Multi functional yarns and finishes for added performance
  • Yarn and finishes cooling technologies
  • A renewed look at lightweight plastic trims and accessories with superstrength through new ingredients in the molded structure - settable siliconeand new super strength polymers
  • Reflective trims and prints for an added safety aspect


  • Lighter weight performance fabrics that enhance the pursuance of a sport as well as offering high level protection
  • High power compression fabrics for base layers and anatomical support
  • Anti-rip and cut resistants single jersey
  • FIR yarns for enhanced energetic properties and wellbeing
  • Power stretch mesh - industrial in aspect but soft and super-soft to touch
  • Rigid fabrics for backpacks - super-light, tough and decorative
  • Performance denim
  • Lightweight double layers - contrasting solid weaves with jersey
  • Nylon/polyamide warp knits with integrated compression zones, selvedge finishes, clean cut function
  • 360° stretch wovens with high tenacity for fit, performance and greater flexibility in movement
  • Zippers with a light but tough appearance


  • High power compression base layer
  • High impact sports - base throughto second layer protections
  • Road cycling/mountain biking -apparel through to helmets
  • Rock climbing
  • Lifestyle - athleisure/street sports
  • Skateboarding
  • Travel
  • Outdoor equipment - tents,back packs, sleeping bags



Kit and Kaboodle

A turbocharged feel features as fabrics and trims in this sector are outstanding in delivering enhanced performance, exceptional protection and premium function. High compression fabrics, feature in four-way stretch, taking on a biomimetic approach to the muscular structure of the body. Zoned compression fabrics in various power/weight ratio protect and embrace the muscular structures of the wearer. Reflective fabrics and trims feature in featherlight weights alongside high-tenacity fabrics using micro fine steel-strength aramid fibers. In the past the technology has been focused solely on the function, but for the Spring/Summer 18 season we need to look to lighter variations and more detailed surface effects that don’t deny the true benefit.

Performance boosting, there is a renewed modernity to this trend, it takes on a robot-inspired appearance in terms of the product structure, whether it be fabrics or trims zoned and inserted in the final garment. It is very precise and compact, protective and most importantly appealing, with a much softer and more comfortable wearability than before.

Intelligent interfaces on the technical or face of fabric improve performance from swim, running and triathlons, offering cool touch effects, water repellency, UV protection and quick dry. The fabrics are super modern and super sophisticated. These aren’t for the fainthearted, these are for athletes that want the best from their sports gear on terra firma or the high seas.With ACCELERATE they are set to have their wishes answered and receivethat added physical and mental determination to reach the winning line and achieve their personal best.

textile trend kaboodle



  • Multi-functional materials dominate
  • Key functions in include: cool touch, moisture management, UV protection
  • High performance polyester and nylon feature
  • Man-made fibers - lyocell, modal
  • Silver, zinc and copper yarns and finishes for well-being benefits
  • FIR and NIR yarns for enhanced wellbeing and personal comfort
  • Natural touch synthetic performance yarns
  • Spandex/elastane for stretch and recovery and moreimportantly a comfort fit for the ‘lifestyle’ sector
  • Cool touch technology
  • Micro-encapsulated yarns and finishes - mineral embedded yarns - cooling through to energizing
  • Air textured yarn technology
  • Textured synthetic yarns for a grainy, natural touch
  • DWR membranes
  • Colored coatings
  • Reflective prints
  • Nano membranes
  • Retro-inspired trims and accessories - rethink the good old days


  • Single knits that deliver well-being, first and performance for base layers
  • Sustainable dye processes - one dye formulticolored melange and heather knits
  • Multi-functional high power natural touch warp knits withmoisture management, cool touch, quick dry, anti-bacterial
  • Spongey double knits
  • Super light but snug aspects with a cooling feel
  • Cotton touch spacer fabric - emboss for added detail
  • Rework retro French terry with a natural touchbut high levels of added function
  • Classic interlock - treat with a DWR for protection
  • Functional stretch membranes feature on secondlayers for those summer showers
  • Micro light fleece with a natural touch and added performance
  • Comfort and power stretch in wovens
  • Grainy textures appeal
  • Classic yarn dyed stripes and cheques
  • Brush surfaces for a sueded and soft finish
  • Super lightweight gabardine and twill


  • Beach sport
  • Yoga, pilates - natural touch technicity
  • Golf, tennis
  • Running - UV protection, coolingtechnology and moisturemanagement key to this sector
  • Outdoors
  • Travel
  • Active intimate apparel and socks
  • Soft equipment - backpacks




An enticing trend that sees a new level of luster feature and materials and trims that get the attention of the consumer. The attraction of this trend is the renewed luminosity and brightness, without neglecting the luxury level of touch that can be achieved. This trend can be taken to a modern level or worked in a rich and opulent way. Through the brilliance of yarns through to the sumptuous touch, scintillating materials and trims in the sector act like a magnet, standing out and enchanting the consumer, most importantly to purchase!

There is a subtle allure to this heightened and beguiling look. Compact fabricswith glossy substrates vie with more textured constructions and optical prints in creating something new. This is the trend where function and fashion collide, asa higher take at the glamour stakes comes through combined with the Spring/ Summer season’s essential performance ingredients. While lacquered looks and overall brilliance emerges, functionality must not be ignored. Continue with cool touch, UV protection, high compression, moisture management and thermal regulating ingredients as the basics.

Now is not the time to stand in the shadows, it is time to be seen and materials and trims will take on a modern synthetic approach combined with bold color use to vintage classics with metallic tones. Optical and tactual stimulation is the goal.

textile trend lure



  • UV protection - essential for the outdoor features of this trend
  • High performance nylon with built in function including moisturemanagement, cool touch, quick dry and UV protection
  • Super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane
  • Reflective yarns, prints and transfers
  • Tri-lobal yarns for new generation shine
  • Iridescent yarns
  • Metallic coatings, transfers and prints
  • Traditional foil prints
  • Dazzling bright tone through lamination and intense yarn dyed synthetics
  • Moire aspects in jersey and wovens
  • Watermark yarn relief and coatings for iridescent appeal
  • Reflective yarns, prints and trims for safety and added style
  • Rainbow reflectivity in finishes - coatings and prints
  • Gleaming trims - new gold, titanium
  • Transparent plastic trims
  • Zippers - both the tape and teeth take can be inspired
  • Textured reflectivity - update the traditional at surfaces and look to texture


  • High stretch jacquards - compact or textured, closed or open
  • Jazz up basic sports fabrics through the use ofbright yarns - a glossy and gleaming effect on solidcircular and warp knits through to power mesh
  • Decorative openwork mesh in illuminatingyarns or finished with a foil print
  • Lazer cutting and punch out add a decorative aspect - sealo with a membrane finish for added protection
  • Neoprene - print it up for something new - give it anoptically illusive surface e ect through digital printing
  • Micro fine nylon rip stop that can be advanced inperformance through colored membrane technology
  • High compression warp knits for shaping andsupport for inland or aqua activity
  • Compact and textured surfaces featureuntied with the lure of shine
  • Super lightweight multi-functional rip stops with Bi-stretch jacquard effects - open or closed usingmatte/brilliant yarn combinations for definition
  • Molded spacer fabrics - left plain or printed
  • Thermochromic waterproof stretch transfers and PU tapes
  • Chlorine resistant metallic thread
  • Metal trims are bright
  • Glossy plastic and resin trims for a modern take
  • Stretch metallic and luminous coatings
  • Glow in the dark yarns and finishes
  • Fluorescent and phosphorescent yarns and finishes
  • Crystal and glass heat transfers
  • Eye-catching optical prints


  • Athleisure - glamor
  • Lifestyle/urban
  • Hiking
  • Beach sports apparel andswimwear surfers style
  • Stylish workout wear with highlevels of performance
  • Aerobic classes - dry or aqua
  • Spin classes - Soul Cycle
  • Fitness swimming and aqua Zumba,aqua fitness, aqua spin
  • Base layers, second and uterlayerstake on a renewed opulence
  • Soft equipment



Mash Up

Sustainability, a staple across the textile industry, soars in this particular trend, placing an emphasis on the partnership between new generation synthetics, natural and man-made fibers and how they can collude to be a winning team. Hybridization plays an important role as ingredients from different sectors marry for a synergetic approach. The great outdoors plays a pivotal part in inspiration on intelligent function as well as being one the designated end sectors, mountains and beach.

On the synthetic side there is a push in higher performance recycled nylon and recycled polyester with bio synthetics also making strides. Very natural in inspiration for touch, there is also a strong use of natural fibers from BCI cotton, pima cotton, merino wool as well as the luxury application of silk. Lyocell and micro modal feature from the man-made side in delivering a soft touch. Take a selection of these ingredients and blend, creating new level options with a strong sustain- able stance for all sectors of the market.

Moisture management, cool touch, quick dry and comfort t feature, as a collision of contrasting ingredients creates a new code. Expressive in its form, there is a strong natural nuance through touch and visual aspect, updated with performance. What is clear about this trend is that it is a team effort in delivering the best multi-functional products in a natural way.

textile trend mashup



  • Cotton and cellulosics for super soft natural touch
  • Hemp and linen in refined yarns for a grainy aspect
  • The inherent function of merino wool in terms of thermalregulation and comfort for the Spring/Summer season
  • Micro modal, lyocell and silk for added softness
  • Moisture management and anti-bacterial are key performance factors
  • Recycled nylon and polyester
  • Nano membranes for DWR
  • Bio-based spandex/elastane and eco friendly spandex/elastane
  • Built-in performance yarns - moisture management,UV protection, anti bacterial, cooling
  • Reduced water and energy consumption for a sustainable aspect in finishing and dyeing


  • Lightweight spring summer insulation - recycled synthetics plus added ingredients for enhanced wellbeing
  • Bio synthetic insulation for summer delivery in hybrid blends with recycled polyester
  • Lively soft and sensational surface in bio synthetics blends
  • Natural touch synthetics
  • Neoprene free recycled fabrics for water sports
  • High color longevity and brilliance from synthetic andspandex yarns when blended with natural yarns
  • Double sided knits - natural/synthetic
  • Natural-touch spacers - contrast textures - plain/solid
  • Organic-inspired openwork knits
  • Grainy, paper touch rip stops for full protection for shells andtents with the add-on technology of membrane technology
  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable laminates and membranes
  • Texturized synthetic yarns with a cottontouch and built in performance
  • Waterproof seamless transfers for added details
  • Impact protective lightweight waterproof foam for safety
  • Nano hydrophobic finishes feature on warp and circularknits - creating dry swimsuits or adding an extra level ofprotection to second layers, which become an outer shell
  • Micro pique structures in hybrid blends
  • Lightweight double sided fabrics with contrasting color and texture
  • Cooling and comfort t performance denim- cotton, spandex and nylon
  • Recycled nylon rip stops
  • Featherlight circular knits - look to the truly grainy andnatural linen, silk and cotton knits enhanced with the inclusion of functional polyester for added performance - authentic look and touch with a secret ingredient


  • Water sports - surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, y boarding and windsurfing
  • Athleisure/Lifestyle
  • Urban cycling
  • Outdoors
  • Yoga
  • Soft sports
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Hiking
  • Travel
  • Soft Equipment - tents, sleepingbags, backpacks, shoes




Finesse at its nest, this weightless direction maintains a very strong and powerful impact on the wearer. From micro fine hosiery-inspired knits to micro light trims and accessories, this distinctive and precise trend delivers on all the fronts. Creatively through engineered structures and technically through the abundance of performance found in this area, these are tomorrow’s textiles today. This is a pure techno sports trend, where the wearer doesn’t feel the weight of their equipment, yet at the same time the micro light, next generation fabrics aid the achievement.

Cool touch, compression, UV protection and anti-bacterial are key to this trend in delivering barely there fabrics packed full of performance. A strong influence in engineered fabrics through body mapping specific functions into key zones in the fabric constriction leads to a more seamless t. Due to the interest in base layers that embrace and protect the body, micro-encapsulated yarns feature in additional function to create a perfect workout experience.

Artificial intelligence and automation inspire fabric construction, as the high power in terms of t, precise surfaces and performance mimic the case of a robot, boosting and strengthening the motion and friction between the body and the garment. This is intelligent thinking at its best, in how these materials know when and how to react and protect, guaranteeing enhanced performance and a truly visionary approach in the sportswear sector.

textile trend clearcut



  • Micro fiber synthetics with permanent performance - moisture management, cool touch, UV protection, anti-bacterial, quick dry
  • High powered spandex/elastane for second skin compression and core stability support
  • Power stretch spandex/elastane - super chlorine resistant
  • Dyeable polypropylene for micro light knits
  • Iridescent yarns
  • Metalloplastic yarns
  • Trims and accessories take on a super smooth finish
  • PU tapes - heat bonded seams
  • Futuristically optical heat transfers
  • Thermochromatic yarns and transfer prints
  • Re flective technology - yarns, prints and finishes
  • Day-Glo trims and yarns
  • Day-Glo silicone prints and trims
  • Phosphorescent micro fine yarns


  • Compact and perfect single and double knits for second layer
  • Hosiery-inspired featherweight knits with perfect surfaces
  • Super light rip stop for single outer shells - finishedwith glossy membranes for an iridescent finish
  • Embossed and calendared fabrics for a futuristic relief
  • Embedded sensors linked to apps to monitor performance
  • F IR and NIR yarns for enhanced performance and comfort
  • Moire effects
  • Pearlized membranes add an optical technicity to mesh and solids
  • Variable modulus fabrics
  • Clean cut technology and lazer cutting - perfect forheat seam bonding or clean hem finishing
  • Patina surfaces through yarn content or finish
  • Touch is seamlessly perfect - fabrics go nano in structure
  • Zoned performance with garments
  • Reduced construction in final products due to theintelligent aspects of the materials used
  • Sophisticated anatomically designed seamless technology
  • A new lightweight generation of fabrics, trims and accessories


  • Track cycling
  • Running
  • Marathon & Triathlon
  • Athletics
  • Fitness & Gym apparel and soft equipment
  • Active intimate apparel and body wear
  • Cross training and cardio classes
  • Wearable technology



These 5 textile trends are described in the very detail and can be downloaded in English language free of charge:

ISPO TEXTRENDS shows where the future in performance textile and components will lead us. A great inspiration for your business.