Color Palettes Spring/Summer 2021

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A happy and cheerful mood infiltrates the core palette for Spring/Summer 2021, creating primary tones with a twist.

Color Palette 1: Core

Color Palette Core Spring/Summer 2021

Colors Core Palette Spring/Summer 2021

Color Palette 2: Mystique

Color Palette Mystique Spring/Summer 2021

Colors Mystique

Color Palette 3: Oceana

Color Palette Oceana Spring/Summer 2021

Colors Oceana Palette Spring/Summer 2021

Color Palette 4: Traditionalist

Color Palette Traditionalist Spring/Summer 2021

Colors Traditionalist Palette Spring/Summer 2021

Color Palette 5: Sweetener

Color Palette Sweetener Spring/Summer 2021

Colors Sweetener Palette Spring/Summer 2021

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