Textile Trends Spring/Summer 2022

One goal is to be a gateway for future trends. In cooperation with a trend expert studied various global trends with influence on the textile industry and its products.

ISPO Textrends Trend Intro Spring/Summer 2022
Textile Trends Spring/Summer 2022


Collaboration is the way forward for all businesses through the textile chain as we naturally continue to compete but also, we have to collude in creating cleaner more efficient products combined with a high level of versatility.

Textile Trend Spring/Summer 2022 Combo


What you put in is what you get out, for KUDOS this highlights the achievements throughout the industry that have been developed on the sustainability front.

Textile Trend Spring/Summer 2022 Kudos

Total Recall

We have had a lot of retro nuances of late, reemerging to enchant the younger generation of the good old days, but with RECALL there is something different to the revival compared to the traditional old is cool “Old Skool” element.

Textile Trend Spring/Summer 2022 Total Recall

Digital Flux

There is no avoiding or stopping the speed of developments in terms of AI and IA as digitalization is here to stay and not going anywhere soon. 

Textile Trend Spring/Summer 2022 Digital Flux


It would be too obvious to focus this provocative trend on texture alone. Born from the continuing disruptive behaviors that enhance cross industries and the consumers’ lifestyle, instead, PROVOCATEUR is both playful and mischievous, but don’t undermine its cleverness.

Textile Trend Spring/Summer 2022 Provocateur

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