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ISPO Award Winner 2023: VEJA's Condor 3 Running Shoe

VEJA's Condor 3 exemplifies the brand's commitment to both runner's needs and ecological responsibility: the shoe combines advanced technology, bio-based materials, and ethical production. Great cushioning and lighter features ensure performance for all levels, from beginners to long-distance runners.

In 2019, VEJA introduced its running line with the Condor, its first running shoe. In spring/summer 2024, the brand launches the Condor 3 which combines technicity, R&D, and bio-based materials. With VEJA’s work on the try-on effect, cushioning, and lightness, the Condor 3 is a style that meets runners’ current needs. Both in terms of sustainable production and performance. It is designed for all eco-conscious runners, from beginners looking for their first pair to experts who want a pair in their rotation for long and easy runs. It offers an alternative design to other models on the market as the brand is known for its progressive approach in terms of sourcing sustainable materials and components as well as socially responsible working conditions.

Engineered mesh, T.P.U. panels and the heel design keep the foot where it should

Using Recycled and Bio-based Materials

As VEJA is known for its approach in mixing social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials when it comes to shoe production. One foundation of VEJA's sustainable approach is its choice of materials: The brand uses recycled polyester for the engineered upper mesh and laces, and the mid and outsole are partly based on sugar cane-based EVA and Amazonian rubber. The rubber has been certified Fair for Life in 2019 thanks to VEJA's support to continue improving the living conditions of rubber tappers and ensure the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

The cushioning integrates natural latex and the heel support insert is Pentax Rnew, which is made from 100 percent ricinus oil. VEJA shoes are also produced in high-standard factories in Brazil and part of the brand’s logistics is managed by Log’ins, a professional and social inclusion company. 


With its volume and shape, the sole of the VEJA Condor 3 provides extra comfort on runs

Better Performance Through Extensive Research and Development

For the Condor 3, mechanical and biomechanical testing were conducted to compare the cushioning pressure points distribution, cushioning charge, and a pair’s responsiveness and durability. To confirm the results obtained in labs, it has also been tested by runners.

A full-length L-FOAM cushion covers the outsole of the shoe for a high shock absorption capacity. It offers maximum comfort and protection against vibrations. With a big volume and a large shape, the sole provides great comfort during long runs. The Engineered-mesh, T.P.U. panels, and the back shoe lock the foot into place, yet offer breathability. The Condor 3 weighs 287g, thus bringing lightness to the stride despite being built with eco-friendlier materials. Lighter laces and a thinner shoe tongue compared to its predecessor limit points of friction.


Long-lasting Shoes and Repair Workshops

While more sustainable doesn’t mean less durable, VEJA has also committed itself to making its shoes as long-lasting as possible. The Condor 3 lasts over 1000 km of running usage and more. In June 2020, the brand’s first repair project came to light in France. 2 years later, they opened a new location in Berlin and Paris, repairing their own shoes and sneakers but also those of other brands. So far, more than 7000 pairs have been fixed in our 4 different workshops.

»Step into comfort« with the Veja Condor 3
Here’s What the Jury Had To Say About the VEJA Condor 3 Running Shoe:
"Producing a sustainable running shoe always means straddling the void between eco-friendliness and performance. With its Condor 3, Veja takes another step in combining advanced R&D and bio-based materials to create a running shoe that meets an eco-conscious runner’s needs from beginner to long distance."
ISPO Award Jury

5 Reasons Why the VEJA Condor 3 Running Shoe Convinced the ISPO Award Jury:

  • Eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles & rubber
  • Full-length L-FOAM cushion for high shock absorption
  • Big volume for comfort for beginners and on long runs
  • Light in weight despite using eco-friendly materials
  • Ethical production under fair working conditions

Product Specs:

  • Weight: 287g (Size 42EU/9US)
  • Colors: Areia white gradient/white black/ black calcaire
  • Materials: upper mesh & lace: 100% recycled polyester, panels: TPU, heel support insert: Pebax Rnew: 100% ricinus oil
  • Midsole: 43% sugar cane-based EVA, 27% Amazonian rubber 
  • Outsole: 27% Amazonian rubber
  • L-foam cushioning: 30% natural latex Brazil
  •  Sizes: 36-50
  • 8 mm drop, neutral
  • RRP: € 180
  • Market launch: March 28, 2024
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