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ISPO Award 2022 for Turbat Ultar Down Sleeping bag

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The brand Turbat from Ukraine convinces with the Ultar Down Sleeping Bag and an extremely detailed lightweight and warming solution for micro adventurers and travelers.

Good ratio of weight, comfort and thermal performance

Outdoor fans are constantly on the lookout for lightweight and small-packable equipment. Whether for the backpacking bike tour or the multi-day stay in the mountains. Micro-adventures are very popular. For all those who like to sleep outside, there is now a new highlight in terms of sleeping comfort. Numerous small details convinced the ISPO Award jury of the down sleeping bag developed and produced in Ukraine. "The award gives us much more confidence and confirms once again that bold concepts count. We are not only leaders in the Ukrainian outdoor market, but also on our way to evolve and become global. For us, the award means another open door to the world," says Marian Striltsiv, Creative Director of Turbat.

With the idea of a sleeping bag from the UL segment, the Ukrainian outdoor brand Turbat does not compromise much on comfort. This is also ensured by correspondingly good ergonomics. The different shapes, orientations and sizes of the down cells, which are proportionally filled with 850FP down, provide the necessary thermal insulation along the entire sleeping bag and the exposed cold areas. The special cut thus contributes to a better weight and temperature balance. Optimised thermal protection is thus achieved through the different orientation and structure of the down cells.

Practically, the foot section of the Ultar can be opened.
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Regional and transparent value chain

The outdoor brand has also thought about resource-saving and natural production methods. Turbat proudly refers to the use of domestic white goose down. Through direct contact with the down supplier, the brand has full confidence in the quality, control and ethical sourcing. Transport distances are kept short through a short supply chain. This reduces the impact on nature associated with the long transport of finished products and components halfway around the world. In addition, Turbat's focus is on local production in Ukraine. This is to support local and regional sewing traditions and factories. "Supporting the local economy and jobs is essential for us – we see this as part of our responsibility," explains Marian Striltsiv. This kind of transparent supply chain can also convince consumers in terms of sustainability.

The sleeping bag itself was primarily designed for adventure travellers, outdoor gear freaks, tourers, UL hikers and bike packers. The development of the Ultar sleeping bag also incorporated the experiences of external outdoor enthusiasts. "All our products are based on stories from travellers," says Marian Striltsiv. "The interesting thing is that one of the co-developers and testers was our B2B partner. He takes the first prototype with him on his one-month remote kayaking expedition in Alaska. Quite risky, because normally you prefer to use equipment you can rely on in very remote places. When we looked at his reports, we updated the hood part. We strongly believe in an open, honest and genuine partnership with our B2C and B2B customers – this was an example."

Well thought-out design: the Ultar sleeping bag opens easily.
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Bright colours and stylish design

Besides all the functional aspects, the sleeping bag can also convince with its visual product design. The orange colour is certainly charismatic, which creates an additional good impression in photos for possible Instagram posts. Getting into and out of the sleeping bag is also ergonomically well solved. The mummy character and an additional warmth collar increase the comfort. The space inside the sleeping bag is also sufficient. A top feature is certainly the fact that the foot wall can be opened separately. So you can even stand up without having to slip in and out of the sleeping bag. Well thought out.

With the Ultar sleeping bag, outdoor adventures can also be comfortable while sleeping.
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What the ISPO Award jury says about the Turbat Ultar:

“The clever course of the zippers with the practical addition to open the sleeping bag from the knees separately, it allows, for example, before sleeping still have enough room to move without freezing through the open places. Due to the small pack size, it can be taken well on long trips, space-saving. Top warming, great insulation performance at low weight.” ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Lightweight 
  • Water repellent & warming
  • Easy closing & opening usability
  • Compression
  • Footwall can be opened

Product Specifications:

  • Available: since March 2022
  • RRP: 330,00 €
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