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ISPO Award Winner 2024: Silva Smini Fly headlamp

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The Silva Smini Fly headlamp weighs only 38.5 grams but boosts 250 lumens and has a sleek modern look and feel - an optimal compact light for daily runs, lightweight trekking or as a race backup. With different modes of lighting and an eye on circular design, the tiny lamp is a great product for modern adventurers.

Sleek and bright, this headlamp packs a punch but feels like a feather when worn. Its thoughtful features and design are a result of direct user input. Philipp Ausserhofer, who is an ultra athlete and Silva ambassador, initiated the Smini project in the first place. “Let's build a Silva Mini - small and light, but powerful and reliable. That was my big wish to Silva”, he remembers. “A reserve lamp for alpine adventures, but which can also be used as a position light in urban running or cycling. One that fits everywhere and where there is never a question of whether it should be taken on an adventure.”

The Silva Smini Fly headlamp: Fits in every pocket and for all sorts of outdoor missions
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Convient to use - thanks to direct user input

Ausserhofer can’t be more pleased with the outcome, also noticeable when he talked about the project: “Now the baby is here. Smini - Silva Smini, combines all the usual and expected virtues of a Silva in a small format. My small, reliable partner - whether for trail running, mountaineering, climbing or even ski touring.” Also, the ISPO Award jury was impressed with the features and the sustainable approach Silva took with the Smini Fly.

The Smini Fly comes with a tactile button for glove compatibility, and the lamp house allows a smooth tilt with one hand. Battery status is indicated in four steps and the lamp comes with an integrated USB-C rechargeable battery, which offers convenience and a more sustainable power source compared to standard batteries. The minimalistic 3 mm headband can quickly be swapped for a wider 15 mm version, depending on personal preference.

The Silva Smini Fly headlamp: Minimalistic, yet with the features you want in a lightweight headlamp
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Intelligent light technology and modes for different usage

Silva’s Intelligent Light technology provides both a long-reach spotlight and a close floodlight, while the red light mode preserves night vision. Plus, the super-low mode of 10 lumen is great for reading and saving battery. So does the lock function: the light will do its duty when it should and not when stored away in backpacks or pockets. No loose cables and a water-resistant construction make it reliable and durable.

The Silva Smini Fly headlamp was designed with direct user input to be lightweight, compact, and intuitive to use
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Circular design approach and QR code with product information

In the design and development process of the Smini Fly, Silva also placed value on sustainability, from the materials used to thoughts about the lifecycle of the product. Emma-Louise Gustafsson, the responsible Product Developer on Silva’s product team, explains: “Step by step, we are working hard to make our products better for the environment. We have already started using recycled material in our products, so this time we wanted to explore something new. Smini is our first step on a circular design journey, and it is a completely modular product. Smini comes with two headbands to fit different activities and users, and we have made product specifications available with a QR code on the product, enabling re-use.” The QR code makes product info easy to retrieve, even on the go, too. Recycled polycarbonate and PET were used in the lamp housing and headband. Manufacturing the lamp housing and lens, Silva used the same polycarbonate material.

“We have assembled the lamphouse with screws to make it easier to take apart, and once the product reaches its end of life, the lamphouse and lens are made of the same material to improve recyclability”, Gustafsson goes on to explain.

Overall, the Smini Fly is a reliable companion offering versatility, durability, and user-friendly design, while being small and light enough to bring on any adventure. So it is a great little product that offers everything necessary for ultra runners during training or as a backup during races but also for weight-conscious trekkers and fast packers pondering about every gram of their equipment.

Silva Smini Fly comes in three fresh colours: Apart from a classic black, it is available in rose and mint
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Here’s what the jury had to say about the Silva Smini Fly headlamp:

"Silva managed to squeeze a great variety of features into this tiny headlamp, which makes it intuitive to use and easy to handle when on the trail. We also loved the fresh design, eco-conscious material selection, and modern color palette of the Smini Fly."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Silva Smini Fly headlamp convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Minimalistic headband 
  • Only one buckle for smooth adjustment
  • Colourful product design 
  • All product information at hand through a QR-code

Product specifications:

  • Weight: 38.5 g
  • 250 Lumen
  • Water-resistant (IPX5-Standard)
  • USB-C rechargeable battery (Li-Po 700 mAh)
  • Colours: Black, rose, mint
  • Available: September 2024
  • RRP: €44.99
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