Product reviews/05/30/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Primus Ulti Stove System 1.0 L

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 Easy to use, compact design: With the Ulti Stove System the outdoor experts of Primus present an innovative cooking solution for use in extreme weather conditions.

Reliable Cooking Solution

Fans of outdoor equipment will be thrilled with this easy to use cooking solution from Primus. With the “Ulti Stove” system, the Swedish manufacturer of high-quality outdoor stoves is bringing an exciting innovation to the market. Whether for extreme expeditions or a normal outdoor tour, cooking should be possible in almost any weather with the “Ulti Stove” system. “The Ulti Stove System is the most wind-resistant, stable, reliable, and powerful cooking solution we have ever made. With the goal of withstanding even the harshest environments, this all-in-one system with its combination of catalytic combustion and infrared radiation offers the most reliable cooking solution for expedition chefs worldwide,” says Manuel Dürmoser, Head of Product at Primus.

The Ulti Stove System has been specifically designed for expedition adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who venture out in the most extreme conditions and cook outdoors. “Whether on the coldest Arctic expeditions, sandy desert trails, or the wettest jungle, everyone can fully focus on their own mission and trust that they will be able to prepare a hot meal under any circumstances,” describes Dürmoser, highlighting further advantages of the stove system. In addition to Primus’ expertise, the development process also incorporated feedback from collaborating professional experts, mountain guides, and expedition adventurers. “This allowed us to create a product range that is unique in terms of versatility, design, construction, ergonomics, and durability,” adds Dürmoser.

The Ulti Stove System is reliable even in extreme temperatures.
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Innovative, High Efficiency

What exactly is so special about the Ulti Stove system? Here are a few insights: After igniting the “Ulti Stove”, no flame is produced. Fuel and air mix in the burner and burn in the presence of a catalyst material. This is a special metal alloy applied to a porous metal foam. The result is a more complete combustion of the gas-air mixture. This allows for cooking or snow melting even in the strongest wind. The high efficiency of the system also saves on gas consumption. A compact and robust design completes this extraordinary cooking system. Thanks to the well-thought-out hose system, it is possible to use the gas cartridge upside down in lower temperatures. “This allows the owner to always prepare a warm meal or beverage, regardless of when and where”, explains Dürmoser.

The award-winning Ulti Stove System by Primus is particularly wind-resistant.
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Durable Thanks to a Robust Design

Both retailers and end consumers can look forward to a contemporary product that aligns with the current trend of lightweight solutions in outdoor equipment. In the case of Primus’ Ulti Stove System, “lightweight” refers to both its weight and ease of use. End consumers receive a robust stove system designed for long-term usability. The fact that the manufacturing location is in Europe was highlighted as a positive aspect by ISPO sustainability expert Luisa Smith, which positively influenced the award decision.

If it's exceptionally cold, the Ulti Stove System can be operated by flipping the gas cartridge.
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These Features Convinced the Jury:

  • Wind resistance
  • Combination of catalytic combustion and infrared radiation
  • Less gas consumption (Pressure regulator improves efficiency)
  • Heat efficient pot
  • Safe stand: robust feet with low center of gravity

Statement of Primus:

“We are thrilled and humbled to receive the ISPO Award for our new Ulti Stove System. To achieve the level of acknowledgement for our effort make it worth the time, energy and resources we put into making this stove a reality. The goal of the Ulti Stove System is to offer a solid stove solution that provides heat to cook food, boil water and melt snow anywhere in the world, in any condition. With an over 130-year-old history of providing cooking solutions on expeditions, we are excited to offer a relevant and innovative solution to the next generation of explorers.”

What the ISPO Award Jury Says:

“In addition to its compact and robust construction, the innovative combustion technology is particularly noteworthy. Whether you’re a pro or just a regular outdoor enthusiast, the ease of use is a great relief for many outdoor activities. Also impressive is the perfectly coordinated system of stove and pot. An added bonus is that the set comes in two sizes.”
ISPO Award Jury

Product Specifications:

  • Sizes: 1.0 l or 1.7 l (Set), 1.0, 1.7, 2.5 l (Pot)
  • Available: March 2024
  • RRP: € 299,90 -  € 329,95