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ISPO Award Winner 2023: Patagonia M10 Storm Pants

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The Patagonia M10 Storm Pants are a groundbreaking innovation in alpine climbing gear that completely redefines mobility in hardshell pants.These pants are crafted with innovative technologies that ensure their outstanding performance.

The M10 Storm Pants is made for committed winter alpinist who are advocates for the planet.

The fabric features a durable Toray Kudos XT DWR that not only delivers exceptional longevity but also reduces wet-out without relying on perfluorinated chemicals. This commitment to responsible materials and durability is at the core of the M10 Storm Pants.

Designed by climbers for climbers, these pants prioritize functionality. The unique four-point gusset and knee articulation design allow for total freedom of movement during climbs. The waistband is designed to sit comfortably with today's lightweight harnesses, and the elasticated cuffs can easily tuck into integrated gaiters on alpine boots. Another smart detail is that the fly is oriented for easy access with a harness, and a single thigh pocket is thoughtfully placed below the harness leg loops for added convenience.

“This project began four years ago here in the forge, which is our R&D center, as a collaboration between Colin Haley, Matt Helliker and some of our other alpinists“, explains Eric Noll, Advanced R&D Designer at Patagonia. „They sought the transition back to hard shell for a lighter, more weather protected pant. So, this began as a pattern and draping exercise really focused on mobility to give a design that offers hardshell protection in something that they could fully move in.”

The M10 Storm Pants are made for hard and technical alpine climbs where mobility is crucial.
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When it comes to material features, the M10 Storm Pants excel in breathability, lightweight construction, recyclability and waterproofing. This comprehensive approach ensures that these pants are versatile and reliable in various outdoor conditions.

In summary, these pants epitomize the commitment to quality, sustainability, and performance that Patagonia is known for, making them a game-changer in alpine climbing gear. Elevate your climbing experience and explore the great outdoors like never before with the M10 Storm Pants from Patagonia.

This is what the jury of the ISPO Award says about the M10 Storm Pants by Patagonia:

"The M10 Storm Pants represent a new era of mobility in hardshell by rethinking every aspect of pant construction."
Jury ISPO Award
Back view of the M10 Storm Pants
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3 reasons why the M10 Storm Pants by Patagonia convinced the jury:

  • Enormous freedom of movement
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable

Product specifications:

  • Sizes: XXS - XXL, Regular Fit
  • Colors: Smolder blue, Forge gray
  • Target group: committed winter alpinists who are advocates for the planet
  • Intended usage: hard and technical alpine climbs where weight and mobility are crucial
  • Price: € 300.00
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