Product reviews/11/06/2023

ISPO Award Winner: NEMO Equipment Resolve™ Backpack

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The NEMO Resolve backpack is not just a pack; it's a testament to innovation, sustainability, and cutting-edge design. Winner of the prestigious ISPO Award, the Resolve backpack embodies the perfect blend of fit, performance, and circularity, setting new standards in outdoor gear.

The NEMO Resolve backpack is not just a backpack; it's a testament to sustainability, innovation, and commitment to the environment.

This fully recyclable technical pack is a testament to NEMO's commitment to sustainability and performance, with material breakthroughs that utilize recycled yarn and fully recyclable textiles that are stronger, more durable, and boast remarkable wicking capabilities. Using modular construction techniques, NEMO has created a product that is highly repairable to further keep it in use (and out of the landfill) as long as possible.

The Resolve backpack is part of NEMO’s Endless Promise® Collection, symbolizing a profound commitment to reducing resource consumption and minimizing environmental impacts. It is designed to be: 

  1. Repairable: Thanks to its modular construction and replaceable components. 
  2. Recyclable: At the end of its useful life, the backpack's mono-polymer materials can be efficiently recycled through NEMO's regional recycling partnerships. 
  3. Low Impact: Utilizing solution-dyed, recycled yarn, recycled trim and hardware, and carbon-capturing plastic parts, where suitable.

Development of New Materials

The Resolve backpack showcases exclusive CERO™ fabrics, which offer exceptional performance with 1.5-2 times higher tear strength and 20 times more water resistance than industry standards. These fabrics contain 95% recycled PET and PET co-polymers, ensuring efficient recycling. Moreover, 100% recycled yarn and solution-dyed fabrics conserve water, chemicals, and energy during the manufacturing process. The backpack also features CCubed™ cushioning material—a recyclable foam replacement known for breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and being naturally anti-odor—and bluesign® approved materials, which adhere to strict ecological and toxicological standards, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Back view of the Resolve backpack: shoulder strap pockets, adjustable side pockets, a removable sternum strap, and a tuck-away waist belt.
Image credit:
NEMO Equipment

Mark Thibadeau, Design Director at NEMO Equipment, explains: “Our process started at the beginning—at the chemical building blocks of the product. Not only did we rethink the way we put the fabric pieces together, but we had to rethink the way we built the fabrics themselves. In some cases, we had to remove traditional materials, like foam, that have always been a part of the backpack ‘recipe’.”

Fit and Function

The Resolve backpack is meticulously designed for both an active fit and optimal functionality. With an adjustable back panel on the 25L and 35L options; wide, flexible straps; and bodymapped CCubed cushioning, it offers a comfortable, fine-tuned fit that moves with you on the trail. Resolve’s features include movable compression straps with multiple attachment points, covered security pocket, adjustable side pockets, interior lash points, shoulder strap pockets, zippered interior mesh pockets, a removable sternum strap, and a tuck-away waist belt. 

Like all NEMO products, the Resolve backpack carries a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. The Endless Promise initiative aims to keep products in use as long as possible by offering warranties, repair services, and resale assistance. When a product reaches the end of its life, NEMO ensures its recycling through partnerships with organizations like the United Repair Centre and CuRe Technology. Each Resolve backpack is clearly marked with a QR code where customers can learn more about the Endless Promise program, as well as how to repair, resell, and recycle the backpack, based on where they are.

The NEMO Resolve backpack is not just a backpack; it's a testament to sustainability, innovation, and commitment to the environment. When you choose Resolve, you choose the future of outdoor gear, where performance and ecological responsibility coexist harmoniously. 

This is what the jury of the ISPO Award says about the NEMO Equipment Resolve backpack:

"With a focus on new, innovative materials and a design tailored for circularity and recycling, the Resolve backpacks are a prime example of sustainable product development."
ISPO Award Jury

5 Reasons Why the NEMO Equipment Resolve Backpack Convinced the ISPO Award Jury:

  • innovative new materials 
  • modular design with a focus on recycling and repairing 
  • smart fitting system 
  • low environmental impact 
  • bluesign® approved

Product specifications

  • Sizes: 15L, 25L, and 35L. The 25L and 35L are available in men’s and women’s specific fits.
  • Colors: Citron, Blue Granite, Smoky Olive 
  • Target group: environmentally driven adventurers needing a high-performance daypack.
  • Intended usage: multi-sport, active outdoor adventures, hour-long to overnight use.
  • Price: € 169.99 229.99
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