Product reviews/10/30/2023

ISPO Award Winner: Mammut Haute Route Ski Touring Helmet

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The Mammut Haute Route ski touring helmet is the perfect solution for any modern-day adventurer, eager to embrace a variety of outdoor sports without compromising on safety and comfort. This triple-certified helmet is designed to meet the standards for skiing, mountaineering/climbing, and cycling, ensuring it's ideal for today's multi-sport enthusiasts.

A helmet for all occasions: The Mammut Haute Route multisport helmet.

The primary goal of the Mammut Haute Route helmet is to provide a versatile and highly ventilated solution for ski-tourers and outdoor enthusiasts. It's engineered to be so well-ventilated that you'll hardly notice you're wearing it, even on strenuous ascents. In the past, many ski-tourers chose not to wear helmets due to insufficient ventilation. This puts them at unnecessary risk. Additionally, some opted for climbing helmets instead of ski helmets, which offered suboptimal protection. The Mammut Haute Route helmet addresses all these concerns.

Mathias Heck, Senior Developer Hardware Climbing Gear at Mammut, explains the concept: "The Haute Route helmet is hands down the most sophisticated helmet we at Mammut have ever designed and developed. We are proud that the product reflects the amount of effort we put into this helmet. The integration of the ventilation system without compromising robustness or weight is innovative and has not been seen on any helmet before. We are eagerly looking forward to actually going skiing with it."

Thanks to 360° Spherical Wheel Adjustment System, the helmet can be optimally adjusted to the head.
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Key Features

1. Triple-Certified Versatility: The Mammut Haute Route helmet is a lightweight marvel, weighing just 360g in size small. It is not only exceptionally well-ventilated but also triple-certified for skiing, mountaineering, climbing, and cycling. This versatility ensures that you can confidently wear it for a range of activities.

2. Advanced Cooling System: This helmet boasts an advanced cooling system with internal air channels and large vents, making it suitable for both uphill and downhill use. The front vents are strategically designed to minimize goggle fogging, ensuring clear visibility during your adventures.

3. Hybrid Construction: The helmet is built using a hybrid construction that combines a partial hard shell for durability and scratch protection with in-mold construction for lightness. The hybrid construction makes the helmet long lasting and lightweight at the same time and the comfort comes more from the shape and padding.

4. 360° Spherical Wheel Adjustment: Finding a comfortable and secure fit has never been easier, thanks to the 360° Spherical Wheel Adjustment System that is also height-adjustable.

5. Elastic Straps and Goggle Clips: Elastic straps and front clips allow you to attach your ski goggles or a headlamp, making it easy to carry all your essential gear.

6. Eco-Friendly Materials: The Mammut Haute Route helmet is designed with sustainability in mind. It is constructed from recycled EPS foam and features padding made from recycled PET, reducing its environmental footprint.

7. Helmet-Compatible Beanie: For colder days, the helmet comes with a lightweight, functional, helmet-compatible beanie that offers high stretch and excellent moisture management.

Large vents prevent the head from overheating.
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Reducing Environmental Impacts

This helmet embodies Mammut's commitment to environmental responsibility. By using recycled materials in its construction, such as recycled EPS foam and PET padding, Mammut reduces the use of virgin materials and lessens its environmental footprint. It's a step towards a circular economy and a sustainable future.

The Mammut Haute Route Ski Touring Helmet is manufactured by Strategic Sports Ltd., a company headquartered in Hong Kong. They actively monitor their carbon emissions and invest in solar energy to reduce their environmental impact.

The helmet comes with a maximum lifespan of 10 years, making it a long-lasting investment for your outdoor adventures. Even with occasional or infrequent use, it is built to last, providing up to 7 or 5 years of reliable service, depending on how the product is treated.

In conclusion, the Mammut Haute Route helmet is the epitome of modern adventure gear. Its triple certification ensures protection in skiing, mountaineering, climbing, and cycling. It combines advanced technology, sustainable materials, and thoughtful design. This multi-sport helmet adapts to every adventure and enables you to explore the great outdoors with confidence.

This Is What the Jury of the ISPO Award Says About the Mammut Haute Route Helmet:

"The combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, sustainable materials, and a very well-thought-out design is impressive. With triple certification, this helmet sets a new standard."
Jury ISPO Award

5 Reasons Why the Mammut Haute Route Helmet Convinced the ISPO Award Jury:

  • Multi-sport functionality
  • triple certification
  • lightweight
  • Advanced ventilation
  • Eco-friendly materials

Product specifications

  • Sizes: 51-55 / 55-59 / 59-63 cm
  • Colors: white-savannah & white-black
  • Weight: estimate size small 360 grams
  • Target group: Performance-driven consumers who value design & resourcefulness
  • Area of application: Skitouring, freeriding, and multi-sport adventurer
  • Price: € 140.00
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