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ISPO Award Winner: Mammut Barryvox® S2

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The new Barryvox® S2 is one of the most compact and intuitive avalanche transceivers on the market, providing precise search assistance to quickly locate avalanche victims. Mammut's avalanche transceiver received the ISPO Award for its innovative technology and features that enable faster and more accurate location of buried victims.

The display of the Mammut Barryvox® S2 is very easy to read thanks to MIP technology.

A reliable and powerful avalanche transceiver is essential for off-piste safety. With its intuitive operation, intelligent fine search, voice guidance and a range of 70 meters, the Barryvox® S2 offers very powerful search functions with reliable support even in complex scenarios and for beginners.

Alexander Weijnman, Head of Avalanche Safety at Mammut, explains: "With the second generation of Barryvox® transceivers, we are setting new standards in terms of technology and intuitive usability. Despite its 70-meter search strip width, the new Barryvox® S2 is lighter and smaller than its predecessor. With its unique new MIP Technology display, Mammut's patented intelligent guided fine search, acoustic and voice search cues, and the Interference Guard (IG) function, which constantly monitors the transmitted signal, it is the ideal device for beginners.

Memory in Pixel (MIP) Technology

The new display of the Barryvox® S2 offers exceptional clarity and good readability even in strong sunlight. MIP technology is an innovation in the avalanche transceiver market. Thanks to MIP technology, important search instructions are always clearly visible on the display in all weather conditions. Even with polarized sunglasses, the symbols and numbers on the display are clearly visible. The high-resolution display also makes it possible to create an animated user interface that provides more accurate information at all stages of the search.

Bluetooth-enabled: for software updates and use of the Barryvox® app to practice searching in the "mobile avalanche training park"
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Intelligent Fine Search Guidance

The Barryvox® S2 is the only beacon with intelligent fine search on the market. This technology helps searchers locate buried victims as quickly and accurately as possible. With direct guidance on the display, the Barryvox® S2 provides optimal support during this most critical and stressful phase of rescue operations. The patented technology provides full interactive visual and audible guidance during the detailed search. A systematic cross search, where mistakes are often made, is greatly simplified by the visual guidance. The unit interactively guides the user to the target, shortening the search path. Once the minimum burial depth is reached, the probe display provides visual and audible guidance, seamlessly transitioning the user from precision search to point search. In an emergency situation, the Barryvox® S2's instructions ensure that the rescue succeeds faster, the correct action is positively confirmed under stress, and the error rate is minimized.

Voice Prompts and Acoustic Signals

The voice and acoustic search instructions of the Barryvox® S2 support the rescuer in all phases of the search with additional instructions. Acoustic cues allow rescuers to keep their visual focus on the snow surface, allowing them to concentrate on locating buried subjects quickly and accurately. With the Barryvox® S2, this feature goes beyond the visual cues typically found in avalanche transceivers. With supporting audio instructions and audible feedback, the device guides the user through each step of the search process. This added assistance is especially critical during the initial signal search and after the fine-search phase, when a standard transceiver provides no guidance. During these critical moments, the voice prompts and additional guidance on search speed, search pattern, and acoustic signals are a valuable aid.

Train Burial Search With the App

The Barryvox® S2 has a Bluetooth interface that allows it to be connected to the new Barryvox® App. Firmware updates are performed via the app and device settings can be configured individually. The app also provides an expanded user manual and additional avalanche safety information. In addition, the app includes the new Barryvox® Pocket Training Park, a mobile avalanche training park that allows users to practice and improve their avalanche search skills with the new Barryvox® S2.

What the ISPO Award Jury Says About the Mammut Barryvox® S2:

"In an avalanche rescue, every second counts to save lives. An intuitive, fully interactive and animated user interface helps less experienced users to act correctly in stressful situations. Simplicity means safety and faster rescues."
Jury ISPO Award

Product Specifications:

  • Digital 3-antenna transceiver with analog search
  • Display: Memory in Pixel (MIP) display technology Weight: 180 g
  • Size: 68 x 115 x 21 mm
  • Target group: Beginners, all ski tourers and freeriders
  • Price: € 480

5 Reasons Why the Mammut Barryvox® S2 Convinced the ISPO Award Jury:

  • Intuitive operation
  • unique visual and acoustic support in fine search
  • Very easy to read display thanks to MIP technology
  • Bluetooth: for software updates and use of the Barryvox® app to practice searching in the "mobile avalanche training park".
  • Made in Switzerland
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