Product reviews/11/15/2023

3D Printing & High-Tech Textiles for the Most Challenging Bike Rides

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Made for endurance athletes looking for the ultimate cycling experience: with the Ultimate Bib Shorts, GOREWEAR has developed high-performance cycling bibs that offer particularly high comfort and long-lasting support. The newly developed seat pad using 3D-printing technology helps regulate skin temperature and increases breathability.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The Ultimate Bib Shorts from GOREWEAR.

GOREWEAR has developed a high performance cycling bib that aims to maximize comfort and support on long, intense bike rides. To achieve this, GOREWEAR has teamed up with the most advanced weaving mills and the leading seat pad manufacturer.

N3X Seat Pad Utilizing 3D-Printing

The N3X seat pad was developed in close collaboration between the engineers at Elastic Interface and GOREWEAR. The seat insert is manufactured using a 3D printing process in which it is built up layer by layer from a unique 3D design.  This method ensures better control over the technical properties of the pad compared to conventional foam pads and enables the creation of seamlessly transitioning customized areas of support.

Made from a hydrophobic material, the N3X pads promise quick drying and minimal sweat absorption. The open lattice structure improves breathability, drying time and optimizes skin temperature management compared to conventional foam seat pads.

Integrated Functional Zones

Another key component is the advanced fabric that seamlessly integrates compression, durability, grip and ventilation where the rider needs it most. The weaving technique enables the placement of functional zones without the need of additional seams which results in a smooth, refined look and feel while improving aesthetics, comfort and longevity.

The seat pad of the bib shorts is 3D printed and enables the creation of customized support areas.
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Made for the Ultimate Riding Experience

GOREWEAR wants to redefine endurance performance with the new Ultimate cycling bib shorts. The newly developed, high-performance bike shorts are aimed at demanding endurance athletes who want cycling shorts they can rely on for even the most challenging rides.

This Convinced the Jury:

GOREWEAR aims to redefine endurance performance with the new Ultimate cycling bib shorts.
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Statement from GOREWEAR:

“Achieving optimal comfort in the saddle remains a significant challenge for cyclists. With our new Ultimate Bib Shorts we addressed exactly this issue by incorporating advanced fabric technology and a pad that features waste-free 3D-printing technology along with bio-based and recycled materials. This enhances riding comfort, the product's durability and eco-friendliness.”
Jürgen Erd, Product Leader - GOREWEAR

What the Jury Said:

"Different high-tech textile techniques come together here: 3D printing and an innovative weaving technology that seamlessly integrates different functional zones. The use of recycled materials and the waste-free production of the padding is another plus point."
ISPO Award jury
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