Product reviews/11/15/2023

Responsible Performance Three-Layer Jacket With Kinetic Garment Design

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The Concurve Jacket combines responsible performance with functional innovations and is the new, lightweight and PFC-free GORE-TEX three-layer jacket from GOREWEAR. It was developed for runners looking for unrestricted freedom of movement and responsible waterproof, windproof performance.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The Concurve GORE-TEX Jacket by GOREWEAR.

The Concurve Jacket is packed with innovation to take running in bad weather to a new level. During product development, the GOREWEAR designers not only paid attention to the further development of function, but also to sustainability. This jacket is among the first to use the new PFC-free GORE-TEX fabric with ePE membrane, which features a reduced carbon footprint and enhanced performance, to the endurance end use.

Kinetic Garment Design

While traditional garment design is based on a static shape, GOREWEAR's Kinetic Garment Design process orients the fabric in the optimal direction of stretch for each section of the garment to optimize ergonomics while minimizing seams. To drape the fabric on bodies in motion, GOREWEAR uses advanced 3D visualization.

The Concurve Jacket is designed to reflect the characteristic movement patterns of a runner and provides a fit that feels like a second skin. The jacket was developed with the running posture in mind: chest forward, shoulders slightly pulled back and elbows bent. It adapts effortlessly to the body's natural movements.

The GORE-TEX 3L laminate is strategically positioned to adapt to the body's biomechanical movement patterns. GOREWEAR has also done away with the traditional seams that used to run across the shoulder, front and neck, while realizing a slim, streamlined fit. This design refinement not only makes the jacket exceptionally light, but also ensures unrestricted freedom of movement while running.

The Concurve Jacket is an innovation in responsible.
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PFC-Free GORE-TEX Product With Innovative ePE Membrane

This lightweight GORE-TEX jacket is aimed at runners looking for unrestricted freedom of movement, ultimate weather protection and responsible performance. It uses the newly developed PFC-free GORE-TEX fabric with innovative ePE membrane, which was launched on the market for the first time last fall. The membrane is made of expanded polyethylene and is durably waterproof, windproof and breathable. Its improved strength-to-weight ratio means that less material is required, which not only has a positive impact on resource efficiency and the carbon footprint, but also on the weight of the jacket. Nevertheless, the new membrane is as durable and long-lasting as previous GORE-TEX membranes.

This Convinced the Jury:

  • Durable waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection
  • PFC free product with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Kinetic Garment Design
  • Low weight
GOREWEAR uses the new PFC-free GORE-TEX fabric with innovative ePE membrane.
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Statement from GOREWEAR:

“By combining the new GORE-TEX technology, dedicated to Responsible Performance, with our advanced approach to Kinetic Garment Design, we introduce the all-new CONCURVE Jacket Design. It was a long and sometimes tough journey, where the power of a small, committed team helped us raising the bar for waterproof running jackets once again."
Juergen Erd, Product Leader – GOREWEAR

The Jury Said:

"You can feel the special fit of the jacket as soon as you try it on. It is super light, elastic and has no unnecessary seams. This not only makes it super comfortable, it also makes it more durable because weak points have been eliminated. The PFC-free, GORE-TEX fabric with ePE membrane is another plus point."
ISPO Award jury
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