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The Perfect Fit

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BN3TH Apparel focuses on the specific needs of men with its sports underwear products. The Glacier Creek Merino Base Layer underlines with its 'MyPakage Pouch Technology' that wearing comfort can be redefined.

The Glacier Creek Merino Baselayer with ‘MyPakage Pouch Technology’ Convinced the Ispo Award Jury

Base Layer are essential sports textiles, especially in winter. Combining them with other layers of clothing creates a functional layering system that allows us athletes to react optimally to a wide range of weather and temperature conditions. As a result, we can be optimally equipped on the mountain, on the slopes or during another favourite sport.

For men, on the other hand, there are anatomical reasons that occasionally make carefree sporting activities even more difficult. The Canadian-based brand BN3TH APPAREL has taken up this idea and developed a Base Layer with a special 'MyPakage Pouch Technology'. What exactly is meant by this, we go into it later in this article. In any case, the Glacier Creek Merino Full Length Base Layer convinced the ISPO Award jury not only with its warming characteristics but also with its exceptional comfort.

Especially in winter, the baselayer pants can score points due to its high merino wool content. To the award-winning baselayer pants there is a matching top.
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Transparent Supply Chain for Sustainable Development

For all its drive for innovation and a push for brand awareness, sustainability is a major concern for the Canadian-based brand throughout its production process. “We've worked tirelessly to perfect this product to ensure it feels comfortable against the skin,” BN3TH Apparel developers explain of their approach. “Furthermore, by 2025, every fabric we work with should be made from sustainable, recycled fibres. 80% of our sales are currently products made from sustainable or recycled fabrics.” Sustainable manufacturing processes are intended to reduce CO₂ emissions in the process. In addition, the company invests in offset projects such as renewable energy, forest conservation and energy efficiency.

To ensure that the focus on sustainably manufactured products remains continuously on quality, the developers looked at the best available materials for their product from the ground up. Already during the development of the Base Layer and the subsequent production process, merino wool crystallized as the most suitable material. Merino wool innately has certain advantages in terms of processing and differs from other types of wool, among other things, by its finer fibers, combined with a very high robustness. Especially for the high-quality requirements of sportswear, an absolute must. The material mix used in the Glacier Creek Merino Full Length Base Layer is sustainably harvested wool, elastane, and polyamide. The result is a high-quality, high-performance 200-GSM product that is perfect for all winter sports activities.

Merino is also one of today's most sustainable fibres, regulates temperature, doesn't stink and can withstand the harshest conditions. The merino wool used in the award-winning Base Layer is also certified according to the Responsible Wool Standard. This grants complete transparency of the entire supply chain. At the same time, the farm ensures animal welfare, land management and social protection for workers.

The Glacier Creek Merino Baselayer is made of a high percentage of merino wool, certified according to the Responsible Wool Standard. The "pouch" technology is the special feature of the sports underwear.
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Innovative “Sports Bag” for Men

Let's take a closer look at the baselayer from BN3TH, because merino wool alone does not represent a special feature to be honored with an ISPO Award. In the beginning, the novel 'MyPakage-Technology' was already mentioned. So what exactly is the unique selling point of the merino underwear that ultimately won over the jury? Well, actually the idea is quite simple and ingenious for exactly this reason: a kind of pocket holds the man's genitals in place. For baselayers, such a pants design did not exist yet. The cut design on the inside of the baselayer makes it possible to safely place the intimate area of men. The result is zero compression in the intimate area, which ultimately leads to higher performance and a comfortable feel. And so it's the first "pocket" in a baselayer pant that eliminates the need to wear an extra pair of underpants, ultimately making the product award-worthy. BN3TH Apparel is confident that the quality of the Glacier CreekMerino balselayer will resonate with end users. The money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction underlines this assessment.

This is how the BN3TH APPAREL brand reacted to the award for its GLACIER CREEK MERINO FULL LENGTH BASE LAYER product:

“The ISPO award helps us as a company recognize and celebrate the truly industry-changing and innovative approaches we have to next-to-skin comfort. Innovation is a core value to BN3TH and this award allows us to stop and take a moment to celebrate the achievements of the teams involved and the industry that is supporting us.”
BN3TH APPAREL development team

Here's how the ISPO Award jury justified the award for BN3TH APPAREL's GLACIER CREEK MERINO FULL LENGTH BASE LAYER:

“Not only because of the merino wool, this Base Layer has a high wearing comfort and good temperature regulation. Especially through the 'MyPakage Pouch Technology' everything sits in the right place in private and does not interfere during sports.” .
Lukas Ollert, ISPO Award 2022 Jury Member Collaborators Club

7 reasons why the ISPO Award Jury, awarded the Glacier Creek Merino Wool Base Layer by BN3TH APPAREL:

  • Antibacterial

  • Biodegradable

  • Breathable

  • MyPakage Pouch Technology

  • Moisture Control

  • Quick drying

Key Data:

Sizes: XXS-XXL
Material: 83% Merino, 13% Polyamide, 4% Spandex
Available: since November 2021
Retail Price: € 97.00

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