Product reviews/11/23/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Trace High BOA GTX by Garmont

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With eco friendly and high-performance materials, Garmont offers a state-of-the-art winter hiking boot with the Trace High BOA GTX.

New ways with non-fossil materials

The Trace High BOA GTX, designed by Garmont, is an interesting choice for hikers seeking exceptional winter performance on cold and snowy terrain. It also serves admirably for snowshoeing enthusiasts. This high-cut boot excels in three key aspects: thermal protection, ease of use, and sustainability. Garmont has incorporated Ortholite O'Therm padding to provide superior thermal insulation, ensuring feet remain warm even during extended hikes in cold conditions. The innovative BOA Fit System guarantees a precise and hassle-free fit, enabling micro-adjustments with two BOA dials that cater to the varying tension needs of the cuff and instep. What's more, adjustments can be made effortlessly, even while wearing gloves.

In line with a commitment to eco-friendliness, Garmont has chosen Michelin's groundbreaking Bio-based technology compound, which minimizes environmental impact. “Garmont is the first outdoor brand to use Michelin's new Bio-based technology compound in an outsole. This compound is made from 90% non-fossil fuel based materials, raw materials that are not derived from the petrochemical industry”, says Paolo Martignon, Head of Product at Garmont. Additionally, the new Gore-Tex Performance Comfort waterproof membrane is crafted from ePE, making it entirely PFC-free. This focus on sustainable materials is a testament to Garmont's dedication to minimizing its ecological footprint. A lot of exciting things are currently happening at the design level in shoe production, especially in the area of midsole construction. All the better that Garmont is leading the way towards a non-fossil future. In this context, the successful integration of the new Gore-Tex membrane underlines Garmont's new path.

Thanks to the two BOA dials, the fit of the high hiking boot can be individually and precisely adjusted.
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Sophisticated design language

The Trace High BOA GTX has undergone rigorous field-testing by select Garmont ambassadors and their internal team, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and performance. With a sporty appearance and unrivaled functionality, this boot is the perfect companion for winter mountain hiking in colder climates. It strikes a harmonious balance between protection, convenience, and sustainability, making it a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts who demand the best. “In terms of design, we focused on simple forms, also to reduce the number of materials used from an eco-design point of view. Distinguishing elements include the thermo-pressed decoration on the cuff which recalls the tracks left in the snow by a hiker, and the two BOA dials which characterize the lateral view”, explains Paolo Martignon.

Modern hiking boots, whether for winter or summer, should not only be made of durable materials and have comfortable features, but also be lightweight. Garmont has also taken this aspect into account in the design.

And so the Italian shoe designers have succeeded in creating an all-round sporty and robust winter hiking shoe.

Additional features such as generous all-round scree protection round off the overall impression.

The versatile winter hiking boot also features generous all-round side protection on the inside, the toe box and the heel.
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Versatile winter hiking boot

The Trace High BOA GTX is designed for hikers who enjoy long winter walks in cold environments and on snowy terrain, as well as snowshoeing. With the latter outdoor activity in particular, Garmont has found a niche in the shoe range with its now award-winning Trace High BOA GTX shoe. As snowshoeing is becoming an absolute trend, it is certainly smart to approach this topic with a winter all-rounder. A shoe for a wide range of outdoor activities.

The Trace Hight BOA GTX is characterized by its high level of comfort.
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What the ISPO Award jury says:

"Thoughtfully Designed and Detail-Rich Snow Boot. The dual BOA adjustment feature is notably advantageous. The shoe's focus on sustainable materials is remarkable. A rugged design for a multitude of outdoor adventures."
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Two BOA-dials for a micro-adjustable fit
  • Ortholite O'Therm foam
  • Michelin bio-based technology
  • Membrane: Gore-Tex Performance Comfort

Product Specifications:

  • Available: Fall Winter 2024/2025, B2B: October 2023
  • RRP: € 250.00