Product reviews/11/25/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Calor Jacket by Fakir Apparels

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The Calor Jacket from Fakir Apparels is made for women and is characterized by its environmentally conscious, versatile design.

Craftsmanship with an eye for details

The Calor Jacket is special. Special because of the many small details in the design that we want to take a closer look at. The garment combines advanced heat technology with a commitment to sustainability, making it an excellent choice for those who value both warmth and the environment. Fakir Apparels uses recycled polyester for all components of the Calor Jacket, except those specifically marked for removal. This eco-friendly approach ensures easy end-of-life recycling and significantly reduces its environmental impact. “The Calor Jacket is made with a viable, circular philosophy despite the applied advanced heating technology”, explains the jackets designer, Robert Olsson. “All ingredients, from membrane to zipper and all in between, are made from recycled polyester, except for those otherwise marked for removal, to facilitate easy end-of-life recycling.”

With approximately 97% recycled polyester content, the Calor Jacket achieves high recyclability. Designed with women's comfort in mind, the Calor Jacket features an innovative "Heat seat." This drop-down heated seating pad eliminates the discomfort of sitting on cold surfaces, enhancing the overall experience of snow sports and other outdoor activities. The heating elements are powered by readily available power banks via USB, combining warmth with convenience. The "Fitted fit" for women reduces bulk and maximizes heat retention, making it ideal as an insulation or shell layer for cold conditions.

The so-called Heat Seat is an intriguing and extraordinary detail of the Calor Jacket.
Image credit:
Fakir Apparels / Stephen Butkus

Safety and warming comfort in mind

Consumers using the Calor Jacket will be able to enjoy outdoor activities in comfort for longer thanks to the integrated heating panels and the drop-down “Heat Seat”. At the end of the jacket’s life, it can be easily recycled as it consists of almost exclusively recycled polyester, and the non-polyester items are clearly marked for easy removal. “The jacket itself symbolises our vision of challenging conventional methods of manufacturing, applying innovation, and achieving sustainability”, says Fakir Nafizuzzaman, Deputy Managing Director at Fakir Apparels.

The Calor Jacket also doesn't compromise on safety. It incorporates the Twiceme and Recco technologies, providing added security and on-site medical information in case of accidents. The contemporary technical design suits various outdoor activities, reducing the need for multiple garments. Its polyester membrane enhances weather resistance, making it suitable not only as an insulation piece but also as a standalone jacket in less severe weather. The materials used are lightweight, durable, and boast a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

The non-recyclable parts of the jacket are specially marked.
Image credit:
Fakir Apparels / Stephen Butkus

Sustainably tailored for Women

The Calor Jacket by Fakir demonstrates that manufacturers from Asia meet the needs of the global market, especially the European market. The consistent execution with a strong focus on resource-efficient materials and, ultimately, their processing possibilities in a closed product cycle is noteworthy. Monomaterial, along with clear markings for non-recyclable materials like heating elements, are not only transparent but also exemplary. The fact that Fakir Apparels has also defined women as a target audience speaks to a good understanding of the European market. Special designs for women in the outdoor sector are still in demand and on the rise. With the Calor Jacket, the brand from Bangladesh has certainly hit the mark, impressing with both functionality and style.

The jacket from Fakir Apparels is stylish and functional.
Image credit:
Fakir Apparels / Stephen Butkus

What the ISPO Award jury says:

"The insulation jacket goes beyond the familiar designs for women's outdoor apparel. Additional features, such as a fold-out warming seat cushion, make the jacket unique. The consistent use of recyclable materials demonstrates that performance and sustainability are on the right track."
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Unprecedented recyclability
  • Innovative use of heating elements
  • Included “Heat Seat”
  • Women fit

Product Specifications:

  • Available: AW24/25
  • RRP: € 349.00
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