Product reviews/11/24/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Dynafit Ridge Pro Ski Touring Boot

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The Ridge Pro boot is Dynafit’s new premium boot in the ski touring segment. It was developed for passionate skimo athletes seeking the utmost in mountain challenges and combines lightness with great features for efficient uphills and strong downhill performance.

Fitting ski boots are a huge customer challenge as every foot is different. The Ridge Pro boot is Dynafit’s new premium boot and comes with an all new tongue construction. It is a multidirectional solution to fit the shell, liner, and tongue perfectly and leads to a great fit out of the box, while also guaranteeing downhill fun at the high-level ski touring segment.

Floating Tongue for Better Climbing Performance and Comfort

The Ridge Pro combines lightness for speedy climbs but also offers great downhill performance when you are in search of first tracks. The revolutionary, patented Floating Tongue construction sets a new standard in climbing performance. In contrast to traditional tongue construction, the “Floating Tongue” has two parts: One is an exterior tongue for stability when skiing, which also provides a seal, and the other is a soft tongue connected to it that sits completely inside the solid cuff. This tongue construction moves with you horizontally on the climb to enable an extremely comfortable and friction-free movement. Together with 70° cuff rotation, you can enjoy the benefits of increased freedom of movement on the climb.

Javier Martín de Villa, ski mountaineer, DYNAFIT athlete and member of Dynafit’s "Ridge task force” also really appreciates these attributes: "With the Ridge Pro, no challenge is too big for me. Whether technical terrain or exposed ridges - the boot is a fast and agile companion. It sits perfectly on the foot and is very comfortable even after many hundreds of metres in altitude. Unlike other lightweight boots, it makes no compromises on the descent and delivers maximum performance and ultimate skiing fun. The perfect symbiosis of speed mountaineering and free touring."


Extensive range and freedom of movement thanks to the patented Floating Tongue construction
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Thermoformable Liner and Grippy Vibram Outsole

For the liner, the developers turned to the thermoformable Dynafitter 5 Liner. It has an excellent fit right out of the box, provides good insulation and can also be customised. The Ridge Pro boot has a grippy Vibram outsole with reliable traction when you need to bootpack up steep terrain or want to step out of your binding to get from ski storage to the summit. Like all Dynafit ski touring boots, the Ridge Pro Boot is made in Montebelluna, Italy. At just 1,250 grams (1,130 grams, women’s model), the Ridge Pro ensures a natural, energy-saving walking motion on the climb without a gram too much on your feet, which especially matters on multi-peak ascents or long ski touring days.


The Ridge Pro Boot is part of the new Ridge System, including not only skis, boots and binding but also matching apparel.
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A Lightweight Performing Uphill and Downhill

The Dynafit Ridge Pro integrates the brand’s patented Hoji Lock, a closure system that unifies the cuff and shell on the inside into an inseparable and totally interlocking unit without any play. The result: With just one hand motion, you can transition between uphill and downhill. Plus, this boot transforms effortlessly from an efficient and lightweight climber to an uncompromising boot with the feeling of high-end skiing.

Combined with a flex of 120 (110, women’s model), the tried-and-tested Hoji Lock System, and a construction using Grilamid with carbon fiber, the Ridge Pro Boot offers ideal rigidity and precision. In contrast to many other lightweight boots, this boot also performs on the descent. With a reimagined rear buckle system, a 101 mm last, a unified interlocking cuff, and shell, there is no room for play while offering a positive lock no matter the foot shape, volume, or size. The forward lean of the Ridge Pro sits at 12 degrees but can be altered to an athletic 15 degrees with a spoiler that comes with the boot.

The boot also comes with Dynafit’s lifetime guarantee. After the legally required guarantee of two years, customers receive an additional eight-year guarantee, including care & repair services.


Dynafit Ridge Pro: Great on the uphill - without shortcomings on the downhill
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Here’s what the jury had to say about the Dynafit Ridge Pro ski touring boot:

"Great fit out of the box for many different feet but still at a high-performance level - the Dynafit Ridge Pro is a great lightweight boot that does what it should. The tongue construction really stands out when hiking and combined with the locking system this boot is a great companion both up and down the mountain."
ISPO Award Jury

5 reasons why the Dynafit Ridge Pro ski touring boot convinced the ISPO Award jury:

  • Floating Tongue for friction-free movement and extreme comfort
  • Hoji Lock System for effortless transitions from uphill to downhill
  • great boot fit even on long days in them
  • Featherlight design, yet progressive flex
  • Recyclable material

Product specs:

  • Flex: 120 (110, women’s model)
  • Size: 23.0 - 30.5 MP
  • Color: black, gold (men); black, gold, white (women)
  • RRP: €890.00
  • Release date: September 2024
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