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ISPO Award Winner 2023: Bakosi G2 Hooded Hybrid Jacket by BLACKYAK

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The Bakosi G2 Hooded Hybrid Jacket by BLACKYAK stands out as high-performing outdoor gear for a wide range of outdoor activities. An all-season jacket with lots of details.

Thoughtful innovation

Designed for all seasons and alpine pursuits, BLACKYAK's Bakosi G2 Hooded Hybrid Jacket stands as a thoughtful innovation. Crafted from premium, durable components, including abrasion-resistant Cordura Ripstop, this jacket is built to withstand the toughest challenges while moving outdoors. Its certified water-repellent goose down on the chest and upper arms provides superior insulation, ensuring you stay warm in the coldest conditions. Meanwhile, the warm G-Loft fill in the abdomen and underarms retains its shape and warmth, even when wet, making this jacket a reliable choice in various conditions. But it's not just about withstanding the elements; the Bakosi G2 Hooded Hybrid Jacket prioritizes user comfort without compromising on performance. Mesh chest pockets allow for easy storage of essentials, such as gloves or sunglasses, making it easy to keep your small items close at hand. The hood fits under your helmet. The high collar is padded with down and fleece at the chin for added comfort.

One innovative element of this jacket is the use of Yak Merino Skin on the stretchable back element. This unique feature optimizes temperature regulation and minimizes sweating when carrying a backpack, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable during your adventures. This jacket is truly designed for all seasons and a wide range of alpine activities. From winter ski touring to summer mountaineering and off-season expeditions, it seamlessly adapts to enhance your performance, offering unmatched warmth and durability.

The Bakosi Jacket was designed as a high-performance product - a hybrid jacket for peak sporting performance.
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Cutting-edge functionality

Embarking on new frontiers, designers consistently captivate our attention by forging innovative paths and merging natural fibers with synthetic counterparts. These blends, promising and progressive, are increasingly finding their place in contemporary textile designs. The embodiment of this ingenuity materializes in the form of award-winning hybrid jackets, seamlessly fusing the advantages of both worlds. “In our pursuit of perfection, we ignited fierce passion. Our goal: an exceptional hybrid down jacket defying nature's limits”, says Maximilian Nortz, Managing Director International Business at BLACKYAK. “Innovating relentlessly, we crafted a masterpiece with strategic insulation. This jacket, a symbol of triumph and human determination, shields you in nature's harshest trials.”

In this masterpiece, the benefits of Yak Merino Skin grace the stretchable back element, optimizing temperature regulation and minimizing sweat accumulation when carrying a backpack. Functionality and comfort take center stage in the jacket's design philosophy, ensuring user comfort without compromising performance. Mesh chest pockets add a practical touch, facilitating the easy storage of essentials like gloves or sunglasses. The inclusion of a helmet-compatible hood anticipates the needs of the adventurous, providing versatile protection. Meanwhile, the high collar, filled with down and adorned with chin fleece, enhances both warmth and comfort. Together, these meticulously thought-out design elements solidify the Bakosi G2 Hooded Hybrid Jacket as an indispensable choice for alpine pursuits. It's more than just a garment; it's a convergence of thoughtful design and cutting-edge functionality, embodying the spirit of innovation in modern textile craftsmanship.

Small details that are absolutely convincing: The hood fits under your helmet. The high collar is padded with down and fleece at the chin for added comfort.
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Purposeful design

The Bakosi G2 Hooded Hybrid Jacket  is meticulously crafted with the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and professional mountaineers, as well as ambitious amateurs, in mind. Tailored for a range of activities, from expeditions and mountaineering to ski mountaineering and ski touring, it stands as an ambitious companion for individuals who thrive on outdoor pursuits. This jacket isn't just a piece of outerwear; it's a symbol of ambition designed for those who relish the challenges and adventures that the great outdoors have to offer. With its purposeful design and robust features, the Bakosi G2 Hooded Hybrid Jacket  is a reliable choice for those who move with determination in the expansive realm of outdoor exploration.

Elastic inserts in the shoulder area increase ease of movement.
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What the ISPO Award jury says:

"Incredibly detailed outdoor jacket with a high degree of innovation. Precise insulation, water-repellent goose down, and novel materials like Yak Merino represent forward-thinking design. Extras like warming hand pockets complete the overall picture. Has the potential to become a favorite piece."

These features convinced the Jury:

  • All-season versatility
  • Durable material & Comfort
  • Certified Water Repellent Goose Down
  • Warm and shape-retaining insulation

Product Specifications:

  • Available: since September 2023
  • RRP: € 490.00
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