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Stabilizes and Relieves the Knee Joint During Outdoor Activities

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Good news for outdoor fans with knee problems: the new Bauerfeind Sports Outdoor Knee Support stabilizes and relieves the knee as well as the patellar tendon, due to an innovative combination of Merino Compression Knit, Omega Pad, and an individually adjustable strap. People with knee problems often reach their limits when hiking in the mountains, especially when going downhill as the strain on the knee is greatest. The new knee brace supports outdoor enthusiasts on more vigorous hikes.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: Bauerfeind Sports Outdoor Knee Support

Bauerfeind Sports, the sports line of Bauerfeind, designed this knee support for the outdoor sports market based on its many years of expertise in the development and production of medical braces.

Innovative Support With Merino Compression Knit and Functional Elements

The Outdoor Knee Support is an innovative outdoor support ‘Made in Germany’. For the first time, it combines the benefits of merino wool and a flat knit support with functional elements. The knee support stabilizes the knee and relieves the patellar tendon, thanks to a combination of Merino Compression Knit, Omega Pad, and a strap, also known as the Downhill Relief System. The individually adjustable Downhill Relief System allows the exertion of additional relief on the knee and the patellar tendon when subjected to increased strain. In this way, athletes can adjust the effectiveness of the support individually to their needs and sporting activity. The anatomically contoured Omega Pad encloses the kneecap and, together with the compression knit, ensures efficient pressure distribution. Integrated lateral stays guarantee the support’s perfect fit and make donning and doffing easier.
Thanks to the anatomical fit and high level of elasticity, the Outdoor Knee Support’s Merino Compression Knit perfectly adapts to the joint and remains securely in position during dynamic movements.

The knee support stabilizes the knee and relieves the patellar tendon.
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Bauerfeind Sports

Durable Yarn With a High Level of Wearing Comfort

Bauerfeind Sports relies on the Core Yarn Technology for the construction of the knitted fabric: the core of the yarn consists of merino wool, which is wrapped in durable polyamide 6.6. Polyamide 6.6 is particularly abrasion-resistant and guarantees the longevity of the product. On the one hand, merino wool offers excellent heat and moisture regulation by actively absorbing moisture from the body and wicking it away. On the other hand, its special surface structure ensures a high level of wearing comfort for the whole day, with an antibacterial effect.

Medical Expertise for Outdoor Sports

Bauerfeind Sports used its extensive expertise in the area of medical compression to develop the Outdoor Knee Support. As a medical product, the Outdoor Knee Support is subject to comprehensive quality management for development and production. This includes regular testing of the compression levels as well as wearing tests to confirm the effectiveness, comfort and perfect fit of the knitted fabric in length and circumference.

The unisex brace is manufactured in Germany in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. The undyed merino wool is mulesing-free.

For the Outdoor Knee Support, Bauerfeind Sports uses its extensive expertise in the area of medical compression.
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The Following Convinced the Jury:

  • People with knee problems can be more active again when wearing the support
  • High level of wearing comfort
  • Individual adjustment options and a clever sizing system
  • Innovative design using merino wool, polyamide and other functional elements

Bauerfeind Sports Statement:

“With the development of the Outdoor Knee Support, we have integrated Bauerfeind´s many years of expertise in manufacturing high-quality and effective medical devices into the outdoor sports market so outdoor enthusiasts can achieve their full potential. On the one hand, we want to ensure that outdoor athletes can adjust the effectiveness of the support individually to their needs and sporting activity. On the other hand, it was important to us to use natural materials to meet the specific demands of the sports market for an outdoor product. For the first time, a product ‘Made in Germany’ combines the benefits of merino wool with those of a flat-knitted knee support with functional elements.”
Christian Naujoks, Head of Bauerfeind Sports Product Management

This Is What the Jury Says:

“Sport and health belong together, so it makes perfect sense to develop products that help people with knee complaints to be more active again. Bauerfeind´s expertise in the field of medical devices is immediately apparent in the support.”
Jury ISPO Award
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