Product reviews/11/23/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: ReBorn Pullover by Aclima

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Aclima's ReBorn Pullover blends durability with eco-conscious craftsmanship. The wool sweater boasts additional details. Functional natural fibers in a modern way.

Innovative Sourcing

This versatile unisex garment redefines comfort and warmth, all while championing sustainability. Ideal for both men and women who relish the serenity of forest trails or the excitement of winter expeditions, the ReBorn Pullover offers a remarkable blend of functionality and environmental responsibility.

As a natural fiber, wool is very popular for outdoor activities. A lot has happened in recent years in terms of the way it can be processed. In addition to many wool blends, circularity is on the agenda for many designers of wool products. With the ReBorn pullover, Aclima is setting an example in precisely this direction. Each ReBorn Pullover embodies Aclima's dedication to sustainable innovation. Crafted from Oeko-Tex certified recycled wool sourced from their own Estonian facility. “This pullover embodies eco-friendly design, with a focus on minimizing waste and contributing to a more sustainable future, says Ole Magnus Halvorsen, Marketing Manager at Aclima. The wool used consists of Oeko-Tex certified recycled wool. The unisex design of the ReBorn Pullover underscores Aclima's commitment to efficiency and inclusivity. It simplifies production and appeals to a wide customer base, making it a preferred choice for retailers seeking versatility in their inventory. End consumers are bound to appreciate the ReBorn Pullover's dual-layer comfort. Its terry knit exterior and soft brushed interior work in harmony to provide exceptional temperature regulation.

Smart details were taken into account when designing the ReBorn pullover: A hood and a beanie protect against the cold.
Image credit:
Aclima AS

Extensive testing phases

To find out how well the ReBorn pullover actually works on an outdoor adventure, Aclima had its ambassador Bengt Are Barstad test the product. Bengt is undertaking an extraordinary expedition with the aim of living in the Norwegian wilderness for 2000 days, he has been putting the pullover to the test in this rugged environment. His journey of over 1400 days so far in the wilderness provides an authentic and demanding backdrop for product testing.

The feedback from Bengt has been overwhelmingly positive; he reports exceptional quality and performance that has consistently exceeded expectations. His rigorous daily use underlines the pullover’s durability and its ability to stand up to the challenges posed by the harsh Norwegian outdoors. Bengt's insights are invaluable to us, confirming that the ReBorn Pullover is not just designed for the great outdoors but is proven to thrive there, offering outdoor enthusiasts a reliable and comfortable garment for their adventures. “The ReBorn Pullover is a sanctuary of warmth, crafted with a loftiness that envelops you in unmatched comfort. Its design is a shield against the biting cold, making it an essential companion for braving the unforgiving climates”, says Halvorsen.

The adventurer Bengt Are Barstad has put Aclima's sweaters through their paces.

Ensuring warmth and comfort

Whether you wear it as a standalone piece or as a mid-layer, this pullover adapts seamlessly to various outdoor settings, ensuring warmth and comfort without compromising on style. This garment is eco-friendly designed, reducing waste and paving the way for a greener future with every thread. It's designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor life, ensuring that adventurers can rely on their pullover through seasons of exploration. Aclima's ReBorn Pullover offers outdoor enthusiasts a sustainable, versatile, and comfortable option. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor life, the ReBorn Pullover is a testament to Aclima's promise of enduring quality.

The ReBorn pullover provides outdoor fans with a warm and comfortable product.
Image credit:
Aclima AS

What the ISPO Award jury says:

"Thoughtful Design: Often, it's the small ideas that make a difference. This is evident in the integrated neck scarf within the hood, a clever solution for cold protection. The innovative use of sustainable materials, such as recycled wool from the company's own production, reflects a modern and forward-thinking mindset."
ISPO Award Jury

These features convinced the Jury:

  • Crafted for versatility
  • Designed with a hoodie that doubles as a neck gaiter
  • Customizable fit
  • Eco-conscious design

Product Specifications:

  • Available: since October 2023
  • RRP: € 200.00
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