Versatile Shoe for via Ferrata and Trekking

Innovative and Functional: This Is How the La Sportiva TX4 GTX Convinces in the Practical Test

How good is the La Sportiva TX4 GTX approach shoe? Valeria knows. She tested it for the Italian sports magazine Now readers can also benefit from this. From now on, we will also be publishing the tests from Mountainreview, which were previously only available in Italian, in German, English, French, and Spanish.

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The La Sportiva TX4 GTX approach shoe is a low-cut shoe that had to prove itself to Valeria in the mountains of her native Italy. Find out here how the TX4 performed in a wide range of practical conditions.

Valeria from is a full-time nurse - in her free time you can find her on the mountain. Safety and aesthetics are especially important to her when it comes to new products. She has tested the La Sportiva TX4 GTX for outdoor lovers.

Whether on a long approach, hiking on secured trails or on complex via ferrata: The TX4 Approach Shoe brings you safely and comfortably to your destination thanks to its versatility.

The La Sportiva TX4 is part of the 'Traverse X' series and is particularly robust and durable due to the quality of the materials used. This low-cut version of a Approach shoe is designed for off-road use, but is also suitable for light hiking. Thanks to shock-absorbing EVA sole, the feet will not get tired even during long distances with heavy luggage on the back.

La Sportiva TX GTX is very comfortable and gives a secure feeling

Overall Rating La Sportiva TX4 GTX

The TX4 is a versatile and functional approach shoe that can be used for long climbs as well as for climbing on secured trails and even technically demanding via ferrata. The Vibram Megagrip sole guarantees grip even on the most difficult passages. Since the shoe is equipped with Gore-Tex lining, it is also the ideal companion in bad weather conditions. The high breathability, light weight, soft and comfortable leather upper, PU TechLite edging and rubber toe cap make this shoe the perfect all-rounder.

Übersetzter Text Zielsprache auswählen Englisch (UK) The overall rating of the La Sportiva TX4 GTX is an unbeatable 4.6.

Technical Characteristics La Sportiva TX 4 GTX

UpperSuede with 1.5mm PU TechLite protective rim and rubber toe cap
MidsoleInjected shock absorbing EVA midsole
SoleVibram Megagrip sole with impact-brake system and climbing zone in the toe box
Weight330g per shoe (varies according to size)

Gore-Tex Extended Comfort

Test Report La Sportiva TX4 GTX Low Cut Climbing Shoe

I bought the TX4 mainly for via ferrata and long approaches, but it has also proven itself when trekking in not too demanding terrain.

He accompanies me every time it goes to the rock: both for the approach and for the way back after climbing. Among other things, it was an excellent companion on the Ottorino Marangoni and the Hoachwool via ferrata.

The Ortholite insole promotes ventilation and breathability in the shoe. It is washable and can be replaced. This kept my feet cool in the summer, and even during hikes of more than 1000 meters at low altitude.

La Sportiva TX4: Firm grip on all surfaces

An Approach Shoe for Comfort and Stability

When the feet are tired after many hours on alpine routes, the Sportiva TX4 proves to be a comfortable shoe and makes the return to the valley pleasant.

The upper made of soft but sturdy leather encloses the foot and provides a comfortable walking experience. In addition, the TX4 guarantees good stability of the foot thanks to the STB Control System.

Particularly functional is the special Mythos lacing system patented by La Sportiva, which guides the laces around the shoe behind the ankle. It allows for excellent volume adjustment inside the shoe. Even with a narrow foot, the TX4 fits perfectly. Furthermore, the soft fit allows for a natural gait with fantastic foot mobility. This allows the foot to adapt well to the terrain.

Soft Sole Gives the Shoe Grip

Even when precision was required and when Iwas on vertical and smooth rock, the TX4 has proven itself. The Vibram MegaGrip sole provides excellent grip and gives a feeling of security even in technically challenging passages.

On the slippery Ottorino Marangoni via ferrata or on damp and wet terrain such as the Burrone Giovanelli via ferrata, which leads through a long gorge crossed by a stream, you have a pleasant feeling of stability and grip.

Even after long tours, the La Sportiva TX4 feels good on the foot

The rubberized toe cap allows you to tackle tricky passages, protecting both the foot and the shoe itself.

Another plus is the PU rim that surrounds the shoe. This keeps the upper leather in good condition, even with friction and wear on the rock.

The EVA-injected sole provides a good amount of cushioning and promotes buoyancy when rolling. This uses the energy returned from the ground to make walking less strenuous. When trekking, it supports walking and dampens the unevenness of the ground

The La Sportiva TX4 Is Breathable and Waterproof

Breathability is good: the foot is not overheated even after long summer hikes. The Gore-Tex lining, tested in wet via ferrata like the Burrone Giovanelli, guarantees good protection against water and moisture.

The La Sportiva TX4 is breathable and waterproof

Fit: The TX4 Is Suitable for Any Foot

The shoe is suitable for all foot types, as the volume can be easily adjusted thanks to the Mythos lacing system inspired by climbing shoes. Also the TB Control System™, in which the upper encloses the midsole, favors the envelopment of the foot for a more precise fit.

Since the sole widens in the central part of the shoe, it guarantees stability when walking, even on technical traverses. Another advantage of this construction is its adaptability even to rather wide feet.

Summary: An all-round approach shoe for all

The TX4 from La Sportiva is a highly recommended Approach shoe for all climbing and mountain enthusiasts. It is ideal for via ferrata, more technically complex routes as well as paved trails where a good grip is required, but also for easier routes. It is a comfortable all-rounder, suitable both for the approach and for the return after a day on the mountain. The light weight also makes the shoe easy to attach to a backpack or harness.

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