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As If on Clouds

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The Cloudmonster is the latest innovation from On: the running shoe has a particularly high sole that cushions the foot on landing and enables powerful push-offs. makes possible. This was worthy of the jury's ISPO Award 2022 worth.

Jumps immediately to the eye: the particularly thick sole of the On Cloudmonster consists of two layers of hollow chambers, the so-called Clouds. Here the women's model in Acai/Lavender colorway.

With maximum sole height to the ISPO Award 2022: Under the new Cloudmonster running shoe from On is emblazoned the most powerful outsole that the Swiss running goods manufacturer has ever brought to market. The shoe with the strikingly thick sole impressed the ISPO Award jury with its cushioning and running feel.

"CloudTec®" is the name of the sole technology with which On has celebrated surprising success in recent years and has become one of the leading running shoe manufacturers worldwide. The soles consist of small hollow chambers ("Clouds") that are interconnected. As a result, the Cloud elements respond to individual movements both individually and as a unit, cushioning the landing in both horizontal and vertical directions. The chambers are compressed during landing and thus form the basis for powerful push-offs.

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The On Cloudmonster appeals not only to runners who pay attention to functionality, but also to fashionistas who want to wear an unusual look. The men's version in All Black is dark and cool. For ladies, this colorway is not available until August 4, 2022.

Jury Statement:

"Generously soft cushioning, and at the same time, the rockered sole construction makes for a pleasantly effortless and dynamic push-off movement. The running experience with the On Cloudmonster is definitely different."
Dr. Martina Wengenmeir, jury member and editor

The Clouds are the Clou

On has now taken CloudTec® technology to the extreme in the Cloudmonster. Its sole is designed so thick that it offers space for two layers of Clouds. This increases both cushioning and energy return and ensures an even softer running feel. The Cloud elements are combined with a so-called Speedboard®. This liquid-injected sheet of polypropylene lies between the CloudTec® midsole and the upper shoe. When the foot hits the ground, the Speedboard is bent and absorbs the energy of the impact - similar to an archer drawing a bow , as Onco-founder Olivier Bernhard once explained . On push-off, it releases the energy again to propel the runner forward in a powerful way.

In addition to the Cloud elements and the Speedboard®, the rounded shape of the sole contributes to the special running feel of the On Cloudmonster. It is curved upwards at the heel and toes respectively. This radical "rocker" shape favors the rolling motion and ensures a very soft, rolling forward motion.

The target group of the On Cloudmonster are runners who are looking for the extreme in terms of cushioning, but also appearance. The shoe is best suited for running on asphalt as well as long runs, but also for recovery and everyday runs.

And where does the unusual name come from? "Prototypes are called 'monsters' at On," explains Edouard Coyon,Head of Footwear Product Management at On. "And there were many prototypes of this model. With the Cloud Monster, we wanted to challenge our technology further and see how far we could push CloudTec®. The result: a running shoe with maximum energy return."

The Functional Advantages of the On Cloudmonster at a Glance

  • High damping
  • Strong rebound
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Recycled materials

With its cushioning properties and cool look, the On Cloudmonster convinced the ISPO Award jury above all in the award criteria "innovation and trend character" and "functionality". Due to the recycled materials used in the upper, there were also plus points in terms of sustainability and material selection. All in all, these advantages helped the running shoe win an ISPO Award 2022.

The Cloudmonster from On will be available in stores from March 31, 2022 at a price of EUR 169.95.

Statement On:

"Never before has an On shoe received such unique and outstanding athlete feedback already in the test rounds. Our goal was to create a running feel like on a full suspension mountain bike."
Edouard Coyon, Head of Footwear Product Management at On
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