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ISPO Award Winner 2023: Terygen Lab & Autumntree Solid Peg Tough

The Solid Peg Tough tent peg is a good example of how a proven product becomes something special through a new design approach. In this case, innovative functional product design meets traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The result is a tent peg that stands out from conventional pegs, both visually and in handling.

Solid Peg Tough tent pegs are sold in sets of 4

Terygen Lab is one of China's cutting-edge outdoor product design laboratory. The company was founded in Hangzhou, China in the late summer and early autumn of 2020. Since then, the design-team at Terygen Lab aims to combine extraordinary design with the outdoors to create more excellent Chinese original outdoor products.

The Solid Peg Tough is the latest innovative outdoor product designed by Terygen Lab. The product was created on the initiative of the South Korean luxury home & camping brand Autumntree. The brand focuses on designing the equipment needed for leisure and camping life, manufactures the best products with the best design and creativity, and brings high-quality experience to users.

Easy to spot: the angled head and torso of the stainless steel peg, which thins toward the tip

Eric Zhao, product Designer at Terygen Lab, explains: “A good design is far more than a pile of parameters or a cool appearance. High-standard materials and craftsmanship are only the basis for a good product. Designing on these foundations and serving people is the original intention of design. When we received the design requirements for this product, we immediately understood what we needed to do. Nothing but a better user experience. As outdoor enthusiasts, we clearly understand where we can improve user experience:
    •    Make ground spikes easy to carry and not easy to miss;
    •    Make the connection between the product and the ground more stable
    •    Make the product easier to maintain when in use
    •    Reasonable use of angles.
Based on these pain points, we use our design capabilities to change its usage status. Rather than simply stacking numbers. After the concept is completed, an organic shape is built by means of parametric design, and the shape is given meaning. At this point, this product was born."

he practical holder always gathers 4 pegs as a set

Design inspired by tree roots

The overall shape of the pegs is inspired by the forks of natural tree roots. Trees rely on their well-developed root systems to hold up their tall trunks. So the goal was to make the massive pegs as strong and reliable as trees that are firmly rooted in the ground. To achieve this, the tent pegs have a variable cross-section: the design of a decreasing surface creates a torso with different cross-sections. This reduces the resistance of the pegs in the initial phase of penetration into the ground, and in the subsequent phase of driving into the ground, a relative state of expansion is achieved. All in all, this provides a firmer hold of the pegs in the ground.

Compact pack size: the packaging of the Solid Peg Tough tent pegs

Another special feature of the solid peg is the angle of 1.5° between the head (impact surface) and the end (tip). This angle creates a straightening effect for the pegs and the angle between the peg and the ground is always maintained when hammering. Because of the angled head, the pegs remain in a stable position at all times.

The designers have also paid special attention to the transport and storage of the pegs. The sturdy pegs are sold in sets of 4, and each pack is equipped with a holder. This effectively prevents wear from collisions between the pegs and damage to the storage bag. Thanks to the practical holder, it is also easy to count the amount of pegs and prevent the loss of pegs.

This video explains the features of the Solid Peg Tough tent pegs:

High-end manufacturing

Each peg is cast by the traditional Chinese craft lost wax method, which can restore the complex shape design that cannot be realized by die casting. The pegs are made of polished stainless steel. This material has a better corrosion resistance and stability while ensuring the strength of use.

”Many people don't understand the highlights of this product, or think that it just changes the appearance of traditional solid pegs or adopts a new process. In fact, we chose among many crafts, and finally chose the traditional Chinese lost wax casting method, just because it can best restore the design we want. Both appearance and craftsmanship serve the core user experience. And to improve user experience, this is what Terygen Lab has been doing.“
Josen Sun, product manager of Terygen Lab

This convinced the jury:

    •    1.5° inclination of the head
    •    Variable section design
    •    Smart holder for easy handling
    •    choice of material and durability

This is what the jury says:
"Due to the particularly solid workmanship and the very thoughtful design, these tent pegs clearly stand out from the crowd. It is impressive to see how small adjustments to the product design, can lead to a significant improvement in handling."
ISPO Award Jury

Product Specifications:

Model: Sinapis
Length: 200mm
Weight: 60g/piece, a set of 4 + holder weight: 250g
Set-price 25,- Euros

Model: Sumeru
Length: 257mm
Weight: 125g/piece, a set of 4 + holder weight: 522g.
Set-price: 27,- Euros.

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