Product reviews/11/10/2023

Warm, Light, and Regenerative: Revolutionary Insulation Made From Alpaca Fiber

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The Apu Parka from Paka harnesses the natural intelligence of alpaca fiber. Through Paka’s proprietary process, the fleece is transformed into a lightweight and highly efficient insulation - termed PAKAFILL® - capable of regulating moisture and retaining heat in diverse climates.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: Apu Parka from Paka Apparel.

Alpacas live in the Andes of South America and are known for their adaptability to the harsh and relentless climate above 15,000 feet. Due to its thermal properties, alpaca fiber is excellent at retaining heat and regulating moisture at the same time. This makes PAKAFILL® a dynamic insulation material that performs in both cold and warm environments.

Traceable Insulation Made From Alpaca Fiber

The Paka team has spent four years developing PAKAFILL® with global experts to transform the natural properties of alpaca fiber into a functional insulation. This new insulation outperforms synthetic materials (via its CLO value) and is cruelty-free. The fiber is sourced from free-roaming alpacas in Peru and is fully traceable. Each jacket comes with a QR code that the consumer can scan to see the exact coordinates the fiber came from.

Highly Functional

The result of a long development process: PAKAFILL® is an alpaca fiber padding made by the meter that can be processed like conventional insulation material. PAKAFILL® is thermoregulating from sub-zero temperatures to aerobic activities and keeps you warm when wet. Due to alpaca fiber’s natural air pockets, it repels moisture better than any other natural fiber; alpaca has a moisture retention rate of eight percent, while other types of wool retain an average of 18-20 percent. This feature also makes it highly odor-resistant and means it rarely needs to be washed. Alpaca fiber is durable and naturally antibacterial due to the keratin protein in the fiber.

The insulation of the Apu Parka by Paka Apparel is made of alpaca fiber.
Image credit:
Paka Apparel

Perfect for Any Outdoor Adventure

The Apu Parka was designed for outdoor adventures: The helmet-compatible hood makes it an ideal companion for days in the backcountry, the zippered vents increase breathability on climbs, and the stretch fabric and side gussets allow for premium freedom of movement. The PFC-free, water-repellent, bluesign® Certified 4-way stretch shell stands up to rain showers and offers excellent breathability. Paka offers a lifetime guarantee on the jacket.

Certified B Corporation

Paka is a certified B Corporation and was awarded the ‘Best For The World Award’ by B Lab in 2021 and 2022. To create the Apu Parka, Paka sources alpaca fiber from local ‘alpaquero’ farmers in Peru, where it’s manually sorted, cleaned, and treated. From there, it’s transported to a licensed partner in Taiwan, where the treated fiber is converted into PAKAFILL® insulation using Paka’s patent-pending process.

That Convinced the Jury:

  • Innovative patent-pending PAKAFILL® insulation
  • Sustainable, traceable, and regenerative alpaca fiber
  • Keeps you safe and warm in extreme conditions
  • B Corporation
  • Lifetime guarantee
Paka is a certified B Corporation from Peru.
Image credit:
Paka Apparel

Statement from Paka:

“We’re humbled and honored to receive Paka’s first ISPO Award. Since sewing the original jacket myself with raw alpaca fiber in Peru, we’ve been on a journey to change the outerwear industry towards a more sustainable future. Our patent-pending alpaca insulation is proof that we can design alongside nature and still make the most functional products.”
Kris Cody, Founder Paka

What the Jury Said:

"This jacket has inner values! Paka has processed alpaca wool into fleece in a patent-pending process, making the natural material accessible to outdoor fans. The special properties of alpaca wool make this jacket a universal favorite."
ISPO Award jury
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