Product reviews/11/25/2023

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Multi-Functional Superlight Waterproof Jacket by Napa

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Napa's Multi-Functional Superlight Waterproof Jacket sets new standards in the balance between weight and functionality. The jacket is so light it is hard to believe.

Super lightweight and highly functional

Napa has redefined the standards of functionality with this jacket. It's not just lightweight; it’s waterproof, windproof, breathable, and even offers anti-UV protection. Designed for cross-country runners, mountain speed climbers, and big wall speed climbers, it's the perfect companion in sudden extreme weather conditions and in extreme sports.. What truly sets this jacket apart is its remarkable lightness. At only 76 g for the small size and 85 g for the large, it's incredibly lightweight compared to similar products. “Our products use innovative processes coupled with the ultimate match between materials to balance the in-built conflict between lightweight and multifunctionality, allowing consumers to complete extreme sports in the complex and ever-changing environment of the outdoors in a lighter, more flexible and safer way. Their stylish appearance is also suitable for switching between outdoor and urban use”, said Zhu Jiafeng, founder of the brand. Napa achieves this through a careful balance of materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that the jacket remains super light while maintaining its multifunctionality.

The minimalist design is a testament to the jacket's practicality. With 1mm seam allowances and 8 mm adhesive tape, it offers internal comfort and a refined appearance. The YKK super-lightweight, smooth, waterproof zipper and no-pocket design provide added convenience and utility. Elastic drawstrings for the hood brim, cuffs, and sweep enhance body fit and flexibility, making it a versatile piece of outdoor apparel. Made of 7D superlight 2.5-layer fabric, the jacket boasts impressive waterproofness at 20000 mm H2O and breathability at 20000 (g/m2/24 h), making it a durable and reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Napa's Multi-Functional Superlight Waterproof Jacket combines lightweight, functionality, and aesthetics seamlessly, making it an essential companion for outdoor activities. With a focus on sustainability, comfort, and adaptability, Napa has truly set a new standard in the world of outdoor apparel.

For sports such as cross country running, the jacket can show off its qualities: highly breathable, lightweight and protection from the elements.
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Jacket with numerous possible uses

Not only for outdoor extreme sports, Napa’s Multifunctional Superlight Waterproof Jacket can be used for many activities such as cycling, fitness, Frisbee, even traveling and other urban sports and light outdoor sports occasions. The style is unisex, which increases the possible uses and users, so that the value of clothing is maximized, bringing sustainable development to the product. “Our products use innovative processes coupled with the ultimate match between materials to balance the in-built conflict between lightweight and multifunctionality”, Zhu Jiafeng explains.

During development, the Napa brand left nothing to chance and also incorporated the opinions of professional athletes. This makes sense on several levels. Professionals have a good basis for comparison and know what is important. Especially in terms of functionality and freedom of movement, i.e., ultimately comfort, this is feedback that should not be underestimated. “Our product development invited Zhao Chen, an athlete who specializes in big wall speed climbing and high-altitude big-wall climbing, to tell us that he pursues extreme lightweight for big-wall speed climbing and that he reduces the weight of every piece of necessary equipment to ensure that it can cope with various emergencies”, Zhu Jiafeng explaines the reason for including athletes.

Even during travels or in everyday life, the multifunctional jacket is an ideal companion.
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Lightweight in a new dimension

It is not surprising that weight played a special role in the development of the Napa jacket. After all, the less weight the wearer has to carry around, the better. This is not only maintaining the spirit of the times to produce ever lighter products for outdoor use, but in the case of this jacket from Napa, it also fulfills its purpose. What is certainly particularly impressive and unusual is that the membrane is highly functional. The Napa Multi-functional Superlight Waterproof Jacket is a perfect combination of lightweight, functionality, and aesthetics. With an optimal balance of materials and craftsmanship, making it a life-saving piece of equipment for cross-country runners, mountain speed climbers, and big wall speed climbers at high altitudes or in sudden extreme weather.

The high water column and high breathability are exceptional considering the weight of this jacket.
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What the ISPO Award jury says:

"Upon the very first touch, the jacket surprises with its pleasant texture and weight. Remarkable: so lightweight and yet highly functional. Not more, not less, simply convincing. The enthusiasm was palpable during the judging."

These features convinced the Jury:

  • A garment structure with high flatness, high waterproofness, and high fastness
  • Functionality and superlightweight design
  • Minimalist design
  • Designed for multi-usage

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 76 g (S), 85 g (L)
  • Available: January 2024
  • RRP: € 320.00
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