Product reviews/11/18/2022

ISPO Award Winner 2022: Jack Wolfskin Alpspitze Air 3L Jacket & Alpspitze Air Pants

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With the Alpspitze Air 3L Jacket & Pants, Jack Wolfskin has developed an innovative, ultra-lightweight, extremely air-permeable, waterproof and functional ski touring concept with sophisticated features.

Ski touring clothing is always about finding the right balance between breathability and reliable weather protection. With the Alpspitze Air 3L Jacket & Alpspitze Air Pants, Jack Wolfskin has developed a coordinated concept of jacket and bib pants that stands for high performance and maximum comfort in demanding conditions.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2022: The Alpspitze Air 3L Jacket & Alpspitze Air Pants ski touring outfit from Jack Wolfskin

Innovative ventilation system

The PFC-free, low-noise outer material consists of the waterproof and enormously air-permeable Pertex® Shield Air. In addition to the fabric's high air permeability, the jacket features an innovative ventilation system that allows air to flow out through an expandable collar and side zipper opening as if through a chimney. At the same time, this ventilation opening allows quick access to the bib and its pockets for cell phone or avalanche transceiver. Thanks to the excellent breathability of the material and the special construction, the ski tourer is perfectly equipped for the ascent and the descent in changing winter conditions, without having to constantly change his layering system.

This highly functional ski touring combo is especially lightweight, breathable and waterproof
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Jack Wolfskin

Jacket construction with fewer seams

However, Jack Wolfskin didn't just look at the material combination to develop an innovative overall package. The brand has also taken a creative approach to construction. For example, Jack Wolfskin has constructed a jacket that offers maximum freedom of movement with minimal seam construction. This innovative construction, which Jack Wolfskin calls "Kimono Cut," avoided seams in the shoulder and hip areas, which reduces potential weak points and eliminates friction points - even when wearing a backpack. The minimalist-designed dungarees are divided into an elasticized, fitted top and functional pants. A removable bib with one zippered and another chest pocket provides space for an avalanche transceiver and a cellphone. Pants, bib and jacket are perfectly matched and together offer maximum comfort. The ski touring outfit is available for men and women. 

The materials are designed for performance and durability. In addition, the development team has paid special attention to the reparability of the products.

This convinced the jury:

  • Innovative construction of jacket and pants
  • Particularly breathable and lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • repairable
  • versatile, it can also be used separately  

Statement from Jack Wolfskin:

"Our goal for this concept was to think outside the box and create the ultimate lightweight functional Ski Touring outfit.   This has been a passion project for the whole team who have worked closely with experts in the field to perfect a pinnacle outfit which works effortlessly when combined but still has the versatility to work independently.   We’re confident that the Alpspitze Air will enhance your Ski Touring experience with its immense Air permeability and freedom of movement and as a team we cannot wait to put it to use this Winter."
Amy Williams – Category Manager Jack Wolfskin

What the jury says:

"Jack Wolfskin presents a clothing set for ski touring that is highly specialized yet versatile. What's great is the soft, low-noise outer material and the well thought-out cut construction of the jacket and pants, which are precisely coordinated."
ISPO Award Jury
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