Product reviews/11/15/2023

For a Life on the Go: Clothing With Plant-Based Insect Repellent

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Not everyone has a relaxed relationship with stinging insects. With the purely plant-based, insect-repellent NosiLife technology, Craghoppers has developed a collection that reliably repels insect bites. New: The technology also eliminates odours.

Winner of the ISPO Award 2023: The new NosiLife Technology from Craghoppers.

As one of the leading companies in the field of insect-repellent clothing, Craghoppers has long offered collections with insect-repellent functions. Now Craghoppers goes one step further and offers true insect repellency with new NosiLife, which also eliminates odours. Until now, this function could only be achieved with additional patches.

Plant-Based Insect Repellent

NosiLife is based on eucalyptus citriodora oil as an active repellent. The chemicals, which are harmless to health, are plant-based and come from regenerative agriculture. The supply chain works with farmers who use only plant-based pesticides and fertilisers in the cultivation of eucalyptus trees.

The insect repellent is an integral part of the fabrics and provides excellent protection against stinging insects that lasts the entire life of the garment.

The new NosiLife Technology from Craghoppers repels insects.
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Collection With Anti-Insect Bite Function

NosiLife is an integral part of different items of the Craghoppers collection - from shirts to pants, vests and jackets. For the first time, the technology has also been integrated into a fleece jacket. For hiking and trekking, the range is technical, slim fit and sometimes features stretch materials. For the more casual pieces, they have a relaxed fit. The brand is well known for its NosiLife Adventure Long Sleeved shirt which is loose-fitting, has roll-up sleeves, a cooling inner collar made of moisture-regulating mesh and drying loops. An integrated microfibre cloth for glasses or camera lenses ensures good visibility wherever you are.

Craghoppers uses at least 55 percent recycled polyester or polyamide and organic cotton, the preferred materials for the fabrics.

The lifespan of the garment is determined by the people who wear it. Nevertheless, Craghoppers offers a lifetime guarantee. As wear and tear is inevitable with active use, the company works with a British repair service.

This Convinced the Jury:

  • Plant-based mosquito repellent
  • Long durability of the function
  • Functional shirt, perfect for traveling
NosiLife is based on Eucalyptus Citriodora oil as an active repellent.
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Statement from Craghoppers:

“We are delighted to win another ISPO Award and to continue to be acknowledged as leaders in insect protection clothing. NosiLife is already synonymous with insect protection clothing. Our teams are constantly striving to improve our products, and we have made a huge step forward with the introduction of our new NosiLife technology. Utilising a plant-based active is a more sustainable solution to repelling bugs, and we have continued to increase the durability and recycled content in our fabric and garments. The new NosiLife technology offers a true repellent, and now also anti-odour technology for a much improved end user experience. This collection is the standard in adventure ready clothing where biting insects are a hazard.”
James McNamara, Brand Director for Craghoppers

What the Jury Says:

"Protection against insect bites is becoming increasingly important in many areas of the world. The purely plant-based technology based on eucalyptus repels insects and odours and lasts particularly long because it is integrated into the fabric."
Jury ISPO Award
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