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KEEGO: The Squeezable Titanium Sports Bottle

KEEGO combines the best of two worlds: the light weight and flexibility of a plastic bottle, and the hygiene and durability of a metal bottle. The KEEGO bottle is multi-layered and has an inner surface made of titanium, which protects the water from plastic particles, prevents the formation of mold and resists corrosion, guaranteeing a plastic-free taste. The outer surface of the bottle is made of a polymer that offers elasticity and grip. The dirt-repellent titanium inner surface makes cleaning easy and increases the durability of KEEGO bottles. In addition to the functionality it offers, the sustainability of the KEEGO Bottle was the main reason the ISPO Brandnew judges chose the sports bottle as the winner in the Outdoor Adventure category.

Foundation: Austria, 2018

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Jury Statement

"The KEEGO sports bottle is much more durable than a normal sports bottle. This could help to reduce plastic use, and not in sports equipment. Sustainable solutions are needed in so many other areas, like coffee chains for example. KEEGO has the potential to launch many more products in future."

Britta Weddeling, Chief Editor of Bits & Pretzels

KEEGO The Bottle bottle


KEEGO has been on the market since July 2019. Even before that, the Viennese start-up had collected around 6000 advance orders for its sports bottles. Since then, they have already doubled their monthly sales figures.

The Founder

KEEGO founder Lukas Angst is showing courage with his start-up. He acquired all the skills he needs working as a business developer and project manager at Hugo Boss, Red Bull and Amazon.

Contact KEEGO

KEEGO Technologies GmbH
Margaretenstrasse 70

1050 Vienna

For enquiries please contact
Mr. Lukas Angst

or visit KEEGO at the ISPO Munich
Booth: B4.BN29