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Award Winners 2021 | Running & Fitness

ISPO Award 2021 Label Product of the Year

The Winners among the Gold Winners

Among the Gold Winners of each segment, the most outstanding products will be named "Product of the Year" - during the official presentation of the ISPO Award to all Gold Winners and Winners.

On Cyclon

This running shoe paves the way: The On Cyclon scores with technical finesse and fully thought-out sustainability. An innovative subscription model ensures that this running shoe never has to be thrown away - and that fresh shoes are always available for runners.


Workout in style: The smart mirror VAHA is design furniture and fitness trainer in one. The elegant display and sophisticated technology ensure that the workout at home looks really good. This smart mirror is guaranteed to bring fun and motivation into your own four walls.

ISPO Award 2021 Label Gold Winner

The Best in Their Segment

The best products in various categories are honored as "Gold Winners". In 2021, they impressed above all with an impressive combination of quality and sustainability.

The jury has decided. These are the Gold Winners of the ISPO Award 2021 in the Running & Fitness segment.

ISPO Award 2021 Label Winner

The High-Quality Shortlist

All submitted product innovations that offer real added value for users in terms of quality, functionality or sustainability are honoured as "Winners".

The jury has decided. These are the winners of the ISPO Award 2021 in the Running & Fitness segment.