ISPO Shanghai 2018/09/19/2017

Football—the future of China's sports industry?

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Football is the most popular sports on earth. Big events like the Football World Cup attract millions of people and—even if only for a short period—football becomes a key part of almost everybody, especially in Europe and on the American continent. But what about China?

ISPO Shanghai Football Talk
ISPO Shanghai Football Talk

China’s football industry is still developing. China national football team for example is currently ranked 82th in the FIFA World Ranking. However, things are about to change. The Chinese government strives after huge growth in the next years: Until 2025 50.000 new football pitches shall be built and by 2050, Chinas government aims to be “a first-class football superpower” capable of winning the world cup!

Our Football Talk takes a look into the future

Renowned experts revealed what they think about the development of football in China in the next few years. The lively discussion was opened to media and all visitors and revolved around the following questions:

  • How will football develop in China and will they become the next football “superpower”?
  • What are the plans of international football clubs in China?

International experts like Wynton Rufer, FIFA executive participated in the football talk.