Outdoor Perspectives/01/16/2018

Outdoor is Changing: how brands and retailers are benefiting

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Change as a growth opportunity for the outdoor industry.

Where the outdoor industry itself will be exploring in 2018.
Where the outdoor industry itself will be exploring in 2018.

New phenomena and trends are changing the world of outdoor enthusiasts.
They provide impulses, which create new markets, target groups and fruitful
cooperation for the sector. Our ten-part series of articles offers a look at this
“new horizon” and presents a new perspective.

The outdoor industry is driven by constantly-new goals and will provide
fresh impetus in 2018 as well. Together, manufacturers, retailers and
consumers are looking for sustainable solutions for sales and the
environment. The plurality of the lifestyle results in new target groups and
approaches. At the same time, outdoor is conquering our living spaces –
the cities, interior spaces and online. Millions share their experiences on
social networks. Digitization also plays a big roll in development and
production, opens doors to adjoining industries, and connects technologies,
markets and ideas at the same time.

Go with the flow – this change is a steady opportunity for manufacturers
and retailers. Enough reason to explore this new outdoor. In our special:
Outdoor Perspectives

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