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Kimi Schreiber

Trail runner and copywriter

Kimi Schreiber has been an integral part of the international trail running scene for many years. As an Adidas TERREX athlete and professional trail runner, competitive sport is part of her everyday life. However, she proves her talent not only on rocky trails, but also as an author on her blog. The graduate communications and German studies graduate also hosts a podcast in which she talks authentically with friend and colleague Ida-Sophie Hegemann about trail running and related topics such as body positivity, female empowerment and climate change and how it affects outdoor sports.

Hero moments

To establish yourself as one of the world's top trail runners, you need a lot of training, a stable condition, confidence in your own body, discipline and consistency. Mental strength is essential for all of this. A topic that is very important to Kimi Schreiber. That's why she shares her training experiences on her blog, reports on competitions and what goes through her mind during them. And she encourages women not to stand in their own way.

Trail running

Kimi Schreiber ran outdoors for the first time in 2017. A friend from her running club took her along. She fell in love with trail running straight away, "because I can run away from myself and my thoughts, I want to retreat into nature and the mountains give me a freedom that I can't find anywhere else as beautiful and wild." Before that, she simply didn't differentiate between routes on different terrain, as running itself was always her focus. In nature and on open terrain, she clears her head and finds inner balance. She also realizes that she can make a career out of this still very young sport. The mix of strength, endurance, speed and mental strength suits Kimi, so she sticks with it. She educates people about the highs and lows of trail running on her blog, where she describes training methods, gives tips on perseverance and debates nutritional issues, among other things.

I claim to be a strong woman. A woman who knows what she wants and who still doesn't know 100% what she can do. But that's okay. That's what I work for every day, to find out exactly that.
Kimi Schreiber


When Kimi Schreiber won the Salomon 4 Trails in 2021, the trail running scene took notice of her for the first time. She went on to win the marathon distance at the Madeira Island Ultratrail in April 2022, which also put her on the international stage. The next success was not long in coming: she was the fastest German at the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in Chamonix in August 2022. At the Adidas TERREX Infinite Trails in September 2022, she achieved a double victory as the fastest woman and in the mixed category with her teammates Adrian Niski and Christoph Lauterbach. At the Mountain Ultra Trail in South Africa in May 2023, she set a new women's course record for 60 kilometers and 3200 meters of altitude in 7:20 hours. She set another record at the Cappadocia Ultra Trail in Turkey in October 2023.

Kimi Schreiber, the writer

She used to write a diary, but now she records her insights, impressions and encounters in her blog. Just like running, it helps Kimi Schreiber to process her emotions and experiences. She tries to use her reach wisely, commenting less and expressing more considered opinions. The communications graduate is also a freelance sports journalist and writes for various media. These two talents make Kimi the perfect athlete for the new media world: strong on the trail and determined when it comes to marketing herself.

Podcast "Altitude meters per kilometer"

Together with friend and fellow runner Ida-Sophie Hegemann, she hosts the trail running podcast "Höhenmeter pro Kilometer". Here, the two of them talk authentically about trail running and life as professional athletes. For example, they talk about cycle-based training and things that go beyond the confines of sport.


Kimi Schreiber won the mixed category at the Adidas TERREX Infinite Trails 2022 with her teammates Adrian Niski and Christoph Lauterbach. She finished the 35-kilometer distance as the fastest woman. The double victory is one of many successes for Kimi.

Kimi's other sponsors are Suunto, Athletic Greens, Leki, Sporthunger and BLACKROLL.

Facts about Kimi Schreiber

Place of birth:Starnberg
Sporting successes:

1st place Cappadocia Mediumtrail 2023 (63km)
1st place Salomon 4 Trails 2021 (stage race)
1st place MIUT 2022 (42km)
11th place OCC 2022
2nd place UTCT 2022 (55km)

Coach:Guy Nunige
Instagram followers:28.400

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