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About us

Bauerfeind AG is one of the leading manufacturers of medical aids such as supports, orthoses, compression stockings and orthopaedic insoles. Bauerfeind quality products make an important contribution to maintaining and restoring health. Founded in Zeulenroda in 1929, the family-owned company employs 2,100 people worldwide and is represented by subsidiaries in over 20 countries.

The high-quality products in the Bauerfeind Sports line, which has been in existence since 2016, help athletes to achieve their best performance. They prevent premature fatigue during exercise and can prevent sport-specific injuries. After sport, they support regeneration and shorten the recovery phase. The development of sports supports, compression products and insoles is based on medical expertise and decades of experience in the care of top athletes.

Bauerfeind & sport: a success story for both sides

Without medical aids, little would be possible in professional sports. With its supports, orthoses, compression stockings and orthopedic insoles, Bauerfeind has been helping top athletes and clubs to achieve their best performances for decades.

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