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Sockapro Football Socks: Fix Your Shin Pads - and Accelerate the Whole Game

Even in modern and high-tech soccer, there are still some archaic-looking solutions on the field today. Shin guards, for example, are often still fixed in place with tape. The start-up company SOCKAPRO is looking to offer a simple solution to that with its innovative soccer socks. SOCKAPRO are soccer socks with two elastic bands on the inside. The shin guards are held securely in the right place by the tension of the bands and corresponding socks. With this method, teams of all levels can save time and money as well as help prevent injuries.

Foundation: Portugal, 2017

to the SOCKAPRO socks for shin guards


Rua da Cruz a Caselas 25 - 1C
1400-083 Lisboa

For enquiries please contact
Mr. António Patrício

or visit SOCKAPRO at ISPO Munich
Booth: B4.BN09