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WNDR Alpine Vital 100 state-of-the-art biomaterials

WNDR Alpine Vital 100: Freeride ski made from organic material

Vision of the future: The Vital 100 by WNDR Alpine shows what is possible in the ski industry of the future. The backcountry ski is not only light and stable, it should also convince with very good edge grip. The big innovation, however, lies in the production: the Vital 100 consists of organic material like algae. The Vital 100 by WNDR Alpine is Winner in the Snowsports Hardgoods segment in the category Skis.

Available from: Autumn 2020
Estimated retail price: 575,- Euro

What the Sustainability Jury says

„WNDR Alpine show us that eco-innovation is still possible in the ski industry, with this biotechnology from algae included in four of the main parts of the ski. Latest developments in chemistry formed this Ski, showing a combination of inspiring material technologies and product design. Oil based on renewable resources like microalgae is one of the most important materials used in this high-tech Ski. This Ski is almost full biosourced ski and nearly fully reusable or renewable from Wood to Wax.“

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