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Out Of Electra elektronische Wintersportbrille

Out Of Electra: Goggle with Electronic Light Adjustment

The Electra by Out Of is an electronic lens for sports glasses that adjusts its tint to the ambient brightness in a fraction of a second. This is made possible by an LCD screen in a specially designed frame interacting with a proprietary sensor chip. The reaction curve can be adjusted individually. Sufficient energy is supplied by a small solar panel, so no batteries are needed. The Electra by Out Of promises the high-tech solution to an old problem by always providing the right light. For this, it is Gold Winner in the Snowsports Hardgoods segment in the Snowsports Equipment category.

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Retail price: 429,- Euro

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Jury Statement

"These goggles use an electronic sensor that allows the lens to change between dark and light in a split second, so the rider always has ideal lighting conditions. We felt it was a very innovative and useful technology, and although the price is still high and the screen is very rigid, we think it's a real breakthrough in goggle design."

Mathieu Ros, Editor-in-Chief Editions Nivéales / SkiMagazine

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Product Features

  • fully electronic brightness adjustment
  • weight of Electra-Unit: 5 grams
  • reaction time of 0,09 seconds
  • specially designed frame for optimal field of vision, ventilation and adjustment
  • energy supply via solar cells

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